The Process Of Making Leather Jackets


LJB lives for perfection and always aims for the best. We not only care about our customers but want the best for them. Our whole team here at LJB strongly believes that anyone can look fashionable and buy a stylish outfit without spending too much. We are offering some of the best outwear options for both Men and Women that they can easily wear to keep up with the latest style trends.

Biker Jacket

We are presenting Biker Jackets for both Men and Women that they can wear while riding a bike to fulfill the adrenaline rush. You can wear it when you’re taking your bike on long rides or going to the track for a competitive race day against your friends. A biker jacket will provide protection and comfort to you while keeping the style in check.

Bomber Jackets

First introduced in 1917 by the US Army Aviation Clothing Board, the Bomber jacket has become the epitome of modern-day fashion trends. We are offering Bomber Jackets option that you can wear to take part in the trend as well. Get yourself a perfect Bomber Jacket and look fashionable right away!

We Strive for Perfection

The motive for LJB has always been to deliver absolute perfection. We do not compromise quality in any events. No matter what the situation is, we always put emphasis on the stitching and fabric quality. The satisfaction of our customers means everything to us. We intend to give our customers the best outwears. Our every outwear is stitched to every tiny bit of perfection from top to bottom to make sure that it lasts years for you. We use the best fabrics like Cotton, Wool to make these outwears. For material, we follow the same trend and use the finest materials like polyester, nylon, parachute, and other similar materials. We have all the sizes in our collection, and if the right size for you is not available, you can always go for a custom order.

Feel the Leather Greatness

Our leather is one of a kind and is unmatched, and cannot be challenged because we use the best leather made from cowhide, goatskin, lambskin, and sheepskin. The length of your leather-made outwear has to be exact to your waist size, and the shoulders should be right on point.