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Homecoming is an outstanding Psychological TV series which release on Amazon Prime Video on November 2, 2018. Homecoming TV series directed by Sam Esmail and Kyle Patrick Alvarez. Sam Esmail also produce the Homecoming TV Series. Horowitz and Bloomberg are writers of the Homecoming series. You will Homecoming TV series outfit collection for sure.

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What is the Plot of the Homecoming TV series? 

Heidi Bergman is a caseworker at Homecoming. She starts his new life and living with her mother. Many years ago, she left Homecoming and why she did leave; the Plot of this story all about that. 

What is the star cast of the Homecoming TV Series? 

The Homecoming TV Series star cast is Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James, Shea Whigham, Alex Karpovsky, Sissy Spacek, Janelle Monae, Hong Chau, Chris Cooper, and Joan Cusack. 

Who plays a leading role in the Homecoming TV series?

Heidi Bergan is the lead character of the Homecoming series. American actress Julia Roberts plays this character. 

Who plays Craig’s Role in the homecoming TV series?

Famous American actor Alex Karpovsky plays the character of Craig in the Homecoming TV Series. 

How many Seasons in Homecoming (TV series)?

This series has 2 Seasons. 

How many episodes in Homecoming?

Homecoming series has 17 episodes. 

How many Episodes in each Homecoming Seasons have?

This series has two seasons, in which 1st season has ten episodes and 2nd season has seven episodes.

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