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The story of the Halloween Kills 2021 movie is a classic tale of an unstoppable slasher facing off against a small group of survivors. Who have to band together to survive long enough to escape from him.

The film opens with a masked killer butchering some teenagers he has lured to a cabin deep in the woods. While one couple makes out in a car further away.

When the killer has left, they get out to check the scene, and one of them is stabbed from behind by someone wielding a hunting knife.

The next morning, after finding the bodies at the cabin, Warren Jacobs (the son of famous serial killer Michael Myers' first victim, Marion) sets out into town with a group of friends.

As they wander around, they run into a few other people celebrating Halloween before it is announced that a curfew has been instated and that the police will be going door to door looking for anyone breaking it. The movie is a perfect treat for people who love to watch horror movies.

Halloween Kills Outfits Collection for Fashion Enthusiasts

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Is Halloween Kills based on a true story?

Halloween kills is not based on a true story. Michael Myers, when he killed a man who left blood's trail, police tried to stop him. Michael stopped for decades, but he started murdering people again in the Halloween Kills.