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Ghostbusters Afterlife Jackets Collection | Celebrity Blazers and Merchandise Shop

The new Ghostbusters film was released in the year 2021. The plot of this movie is that the ghostbusters died in 2016, and they are now ghosts for three years. A couple of weeks before they die, one of them predicts their death, but no one believes him (after all, whoever believes someone when they predict their death?). After they die, they are now ghosts for three years, and their friends try to figure out how to get them back. Eventually, the ghostbusters find a machine that can bring them back if they exist in it for 5 minutes (1 hour outside of the machine). The machine is extremely dangerous because one false move will cause the ghostbusters' death again. A lot of time passes, and eventually, the ghostbusters go into the machine. A few minutes later, they are back to life again. The movie is an action-packed film with many suspenseful scenes.

Ghostbusters Outfits for Fashion Enthusiasts

Ghostbusters has become one of the most popular films, and fans are crazy for the Ghostbusters Afterlife Merchandise. We have introduced the Ghostbusters Outfits collection for the fans out there. This category is comprised of Ghostbusters Jackets and Ghostbusters Blazers. It includes Ghostbusters Afterlife Mr. Grooberson Black Blazer, Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzmann Black Jacket, Ghostbusters Afterlife Beige Jacket, and other stunning outfits. These outfits are crafted with top-notch suiting fabric, cotton fabric, genuine leather, faux leather, and fleece material. This outfit collection is ideal for formal and casual events for a classy appearance.

Is the Ghostbuster afterlife scary?

The movie got inspiration from the ghostbuster movie that is why Ghostbusters: Afterlife is slightly scary. However, the film is not as frightening as the original movie spread fear in 1984.