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Dark Desire Character Jackets, and Coats Outfit Collection

The Mexican television industry is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves and make a name for itself. With streaming platforms on the rise, it only seems logical that the Mexican television industry will grow and get more popular. There are many tremendous Mexican shows nowadays that have become a source of entertainment for people around the world. But there is one show that has taken over the world, and its name is Dark Desire.

After all, it became the most-watched show on a streaming platform other than the English series. It was watched by more than 35 million viewers in a span of 28 days. Dark Desire has won the hearts of viewers with its thrilling drama that features a plot full of mystery. It focuses on the story of Alma Solares, whose weekend vacation away from her home shaped her life and changed it for the worse.

It also caused Alma to doubt the loyalty and truth of all the people that are close to her. She works as a professor at a law school and is married to a judge. Her husband, Leonardo Solares, has a few secrets up his sleeves that Alma does not know about. They have a daughter named Zoe. Dark Desire is written by Leticia López Margalli, Nayura Aragón, and Gennys Pérez and is directed by Kenya Márquez and Pedro P. Ybarra.

Dark Desire took over the world as soon as it first premiered on 15 July 2020. The Dark Desire Outfits played a crucial part in the show’s success. We want to give you these outfits by launching the Dark Desire Merchandise collection. Our collection has all the Dark Desire Jackets and Dark Desire Coats that are ideal for casual wear. You can wear Dark Desire Trench Coats at formal events.