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Ted Lasso Leather Jackets and Merchandise Shop

Ted Lasso is an American sports drama television series based on NBC Sports' format and characters. The Ted Lasso television series was created by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly. The Ted Lasso series premiered on the Apple TV+ network on August 14, 2020. The Ted Lasso series stars Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, and Sarah Niles. Ruby's Tuna Inc, Doozer, Universal Television, and Warner Bros. Television Studios are the production companies for the Ted Lasso series.

Ted Lasso, an American college football coach, is hired by the owner of an English soccer club to punish her ex-husband. Lasso tries to win over the cautious English market with his folksy, cheery personality while managing with his lack of experience in the sport.

Without a doubt, the series' plot is full of unknown twists and turns. The clothes used by the characters in Ted Lasso's series attract the fans of the show. So we stock Ted Lasso's outfits, as well as Ted Lasso merchandise, that we've seen in this series for Ted Lasso fans.

Collection of Ted Lasso leather jacket collection

LJB has offered the Ted Lasso leather jacket collection, including Ted lasso Phil Dunster Track Hooded JacketTed Lasso S02 Dani Rojas Leather Bomber Jacket,Ted Lasso S02 Roy Kent Black Leather Jacket,Ted Lasso S02 Richard Montlaur Camo Parachute Jacket, and Ted Lasso S02 Brett Goldstein Black Bomber Jacket.


Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is a football coach at a college who help Wichita State in securing the Division II NCAA title. Jason Sudeikis played the role of Ted Lasso. He got the position of a coach at an English Soccer team, AFC Richmond. Ted belongs to America; he is inexperienced but hired as a professional coach for a football team. He loves to do coaching, but he is more concerned with people's personal matters than winning. The American football coach Terry Smith was the first-team manager and became a competitor of Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso Outfits have become the first preference of fashion lovers.

He was spotted wearing Ted Lasso S02 Navy Blue Quilted Jason Puffer Jacket and looked classy. Style this jacket with a black buttoned shirt and brown pants. Jason was also seen wearing Ted Lasso Jason Sudeikis Black Puffer Coat and looked gorgeous. Pair this jacket with a buttoned shirt and jeans.

Fans have admired the dressing of Ted Lasso. If you are looking for the Ted Lasso Jackets, you have come to the right place. LJB has introduced the Ted Lasso merchandise for the fans.


Juno Temple as Keeley Jones

Juno Temple portrayed the role of Keeley Jones. A goal-oriented woman who became Jamie’s friend and joined AFC Richmond. Rebecca recruited Keeley for the job position of P.R and marketing manager. Later she became close with her. Keeley parted ways with Jamie and started her friendship with Roy. She resigned from AFC Richmond in the second season because she wanted to establish her public relations agency.

She was spotted wearing Ted Lasso S02 Keeley Jones Pink Blazer and looked gorgeous. Layer this blazer with blue jeans for a sophisticated look. keeley jones ted lasso outfits have become an inspiration for fashion lovers.

Pair this Ted Lasso Keeley Jones White Hoodie with a white round-neck tee and black jeans for a classy appearance. This hoodie jacket is stitched with premium fleece material.


Roy Kent

Brett Goldstein portrayed the role of Roy Kent in the Ted Lasso TV series. Roy won a champions league winner eight years earlier at Chelsea FC. He was also awarded as the most promising player. He has become the fan’s favorite character. His soccer skills had weakened with time by the end of his career, and he knew that. He is assigned as the captain of the AFC Richmond team, and he coaches young players.

Ted replaced him as the team’s coach, and he helped Roy emerge as an inspirational leader. Ted supports him to tackle the taunts and misbehavior among the players, like annoying the club's kit man Nathan. Roy and Ted collectively effort and help enhance the students' football skills at Richmond Primary School. Roy's niece, Phoebe, started school, and Ted and Roy helped her. Ted and Roy stayed in the school and started counseling her. Roy was not convinced by Ted’s decision to make him a leader. LJB Brings you the roy kent merchandise.

He was spotted wearing Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Roy Kent Hoodie and looked gorgeous. Layer this Roy Kent Hoodie with a round-neck tee and jeans. Moreover, this hoodie is fabricated with premium fleece fabric.

Pair this Ted Lasso Roy Kent Black Blazer with a black buttoned shirt and black pants for a gorgeous look.

LJB has introduced the roy kent merchandise into our latest collection. Roy Kent has worn this Ted Lasso S02 Roy Kent Black Vest and looked gorgeous. Style this vest with a black buttoned shirt and black jeans. Furthermore, this vest is stitched with top-notch parachute fabric.

Layer this Ted Lasso Roy Kent Black Mid-Length Coat with a black buttoned shirt and black pants. Furthermore, this coat is fabricated with premium wool fabric.


Rebecca Welton

Rebecca Welton is one of the leading characters in the Ted Lasso television series. She is the owner of AFC Richmond and assists her wealthy husband, Rupert Mannion. He parted ways with her as he started a friendship with another girl. Higgins helped her, and she assigned duties like reserving the house for club employees.

Rebecca welcome Coach Beard and Ted Lasso when they reached Nelson Road Stadium and provided them with a facility tour. She informed Lasso of her divorce from her husband. Rebecca revealed her strategy to keep Ted close to the media as soon as he reached.

Ted Lasso Rebecca outfits collection has won the hearts of the audience. She wore Ted Lasso S02 Rebecca Welton Black Coat and looked stunning. Pair this black coat with a black buttoned shirt and black pants. In addition, this coat is fabricated with premium wool material.


Leslie Higgin

Leslie Higgins is one of the most promising characters in Ted Lasso. He worked as an assistant of Rebecca Welton and Director of Communications at AFC Richmond. His job duties were organizing lodge for Coach Beard and Ted Lasso when they reached Nelson Road Stadium.

Rebecca influences him and assists her cause, which results in Ted’s failure. She disclosed that she knew that Higgins and her ex-husband, Rupert Mannion watched other girls behind her back. She warned him to help her cause.

Leslie Higgin has worn this Ted Lasso Jeremy Swift Green Nylon Hooded Jacket and looked gorgeous. Style this hooded jacket with a brown buttoned shirt and grey cotton pants for a business casual look at gatherings.


Jamie Tartt

Jamie Tartt acted in the role of Jeremy Swift in the show. In the series, he is a striker at AFC Richmond and the best layer of the club. He thinks that he is a professional player and has a lot of influence in the Nelson Road Stadium locker room. His best friends are Colin Hughes, Isaac McAdoo, Dani Rojas, Jeff Goodman, and Sam Obisanya. However, most people agree that he is the most promising young professional footballer. Most people don’t like his personality. Jamie Tartt outfits have become the most followed fashion trend these days. He has worn this Ted lasso Phil Dunster Track Hooded Jacket and looked stunning.


Flo Collins

Rebecca’s childhood friend is Florence "Flo" Collins. She is also known as Rebecca "Stinky or Sassy. Some people wanted to damage her reputation among her classmates. She is a professional child psychologist and is a divorced mother of Nora. She has worn Ted Lasso S02 Dr. Sharon Fieldstone Grey Coat.


Colin Hughes

Colin Hughes is a soccer player who plays as a left-winger for AFC Richmond in the show. He usually participates in group events such as karaoke etc. His friends are Sam Obisanya, Isaac McAdoo, Richard Montlaur, and Moe Bumbercatch. He previously played for Cardiff City F.C., and then he joined them. He was spotted wearing Ted Lasso Colin Hughes Black Parachute Jacket and looked gorgeous.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it valuable to see Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso ( played Jason Sudeikis), a former American football coach, travels to England to try his hand at teaching soccer, European football. "Ted Lasso" should be at the top of everyone's to-watch lists, whether or not you like sports. It's heartwarming, wholesome, and definitely binge-worthy.

Is Ted Lasso inspired by a real team?

While Ted Lasso isn't based on a true story, the characters in the series were inspired by actual people. In fact, Sudeikis told Sports Illustrated that Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp influenced the character of Ted Lasso.