Dress like Your Favorite Celebrities from Chesapeake Shores


People like spending their past time watching the cinema or watching TV series. Those who watch movies can go to theatres and enjoy their favorite movies. Their love for the movies has a short span. They want a 2-3 hours movie, and that’s all. Drama TV Series fans have more passion for their favorite series. They watch them weekly. They discuss the drama and emotions with their friend’s circle. That is the beauty of a Drama TV Series. It glues the audience and grasps their attention greatly. They mostly have a story that the viewers can relate to their daily lives. They watch the episode and predict the drama and story of the following week. We can safely say that the bonding between a viewer and the Drama TV series is more substantial.

Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores is a famous drama television series inspired by the novel series by the American writer Sherryl Woods. The Chesapeake Shores Productions Inc produces it in association with Borderline Distribution. The series started in 2016. The series has a star-studded cast of Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, Andrew Francis, Diane Ladd, and Treat Williams. John Tinker was showrunner along with executive producer for the first two seasons. The showrunner and principal writer responsibilities were given to Phoef Sutton in season five.

The series was so captivating that it ran for five consecutive seasons. Season 06 is termed the final season for this multi-generational family drama. It will be on air this summer with ten episodes. The audience and Chesapeake shores fans are anxiously waiting for the final season. All fans are Hoping that the drama will be ended on a high note and have all the ingredients for a blockbuster last season.

Chesapeake Shores’s Story Plot

Highly career-oriented woman Abby O’Brien has left her hometown of Chesapeake Shores and moved into the big city — New York. She was a divorcee and mother of lovely twins. When she takes a trip home, she has to face people from her past. It includes high school sweetheart Trace, stubborn father Mick, and well-regarded grandmother Nell. She looked at her past and realized that her career restricted her ability to be a practical mother. She decided to finally move back to her town, Chesapeake Shores. The drama begins here. To get the know-how of the remaining story, you have to go through all the fascinating seasons.

Chesapeake Shores’s Outfits

Jesse Metcalfe Chesapeake Shores Denim Trucker Jacket front
Jesse Metcalfe Chesapeake Shores Denim Trucker Jacket front

Chesapeake Shores is a popular TV drama season among the audience due to its story plot, brilliant acting, and fabulous outfits. From Season 1 to Season 5, numerous outfits have rocked the fashion scene. Costume Designer Ivan Lehner has done a tremendous job. With every character, there is detailed work on outfits. The Chesapeake Shores Outfit is designed so that every character has a unique identity in the series. All characters, Abby O’ Brien, Nell O’Brien, Mick O’Brien, Megan O’Brien, Kevin O’Brien, Bree O’Brien, and others, have come up with stunning outfits. Every fan will feel proud to have these classy outfits. 

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This article will take a brief look at these celebrity outfits from Chesapeake Shores.

Abby O’Brien Winters Chesapeake Shores Black Wool Blazer

Abby O’Brien is the lead character from the Chesapeake Shore. She is an intense and passionate career-oriented woman. Her character is played brilliantly by the Canadian actress Meghan Ory. Abby O’Brien is a young woman, a divorced mother of two daughters. Her parents also had a troublesome marriage which didn’t work nicely. Abby left the town of Chesapeake Shores as a teenager and is now a leading financial analyst in a New York investment firm. Being the lead character, the costume designer has done a fantastic job with Abby O’Brien. Her outfits are unique and trendsetter for the viewers. Actress Meghan Ory has done a tremendous job. 

Abby O’Brien Winters TV Series Chesapeake Shores Meghan Ory Black Wool Blazer Coat is an amazing coat from Abby’s wardrobe. It has excellent design details. It is made up of Wool with Leather Patches which gives a beautiful look. Moreover, it has a fitted waistline hemline and collarless style. It is available in black color, which looks astonishing. Overall it is a great coat and a must-buy for all ladies.

Meghan Ory Winters Chesapeake Shores Wool Long Coat

Another fabulous outfit that Meghan Ory wore in the Drama series is Meghan Ory Winters TV Series Chesapeake Shores Abby O’Brien Wool Long Coat. It is a beautiful long coat with some fantastic design specifications. Meghan is looking gorgeous in it as usual. It is made up of wool which will keep you warm and relaxed. Moreover, it has YYK Front Zipper Closure, fitted waistline, and open hem cuffs which give a perfect shape. The front open collar adds value to this stunning coat. Its soya bean color is very soothing to the eyes. All these attributes make it a highly recommended coat for all ladies. You can grab it from Leather Jacket Black with an amazing discount offer. 

Jesse Metcalfe Chesapeake Shores Denim Trucker Jacket

Trace Rilley is the ex-lover of Abby. They both have a challenging relationship with lots of ups and downs. Abby thought that Trace would never leave the town, but she was wrong. Trace is passionate about his music. He even remains homeless of his love and passion for music. Trace is now home reassessing his life and working as a contractor. He is initially cool towards Abby, but their old attraction for one another is reignited during their interactions. When Abby’s departure got delayed, they started remembering the glorious past they spent together.

Jesse Metcalfe TV Series Trace Riley Denim Trucker Jacket is one of the classiest Chesapeake Shores Jackets. The jacket has excellent details, and with the way actor Jesse Metcalfe has carried it, the style has gone to the next level. It is made up of denim of the highest quality. Moreover, it has a classic-style collar, buttoned front, fitted waistline, and buttoned cuffs. This is a casual jacket. It can be easily wearable at parties, hanging out with friends, and on other casual occasions.


That is a brief overview of the stunning Chesapeake Shores Outfit. 5 Seasons so far, and lots of stylish attires. It can’t be covered in a short article. You can visit our Leather Jacket Black Online shopping store for more details. This is the ideal shopping place for celebrity outfits from Chesapeake Shores.