Celebrity Fashion From Your Favorite Stars

Celebrity Fashion From Your Favorite Stars

Who do we look at for outfit inspiration or aspire to have their stylist for once in a lifetime? Yes, you got me right, Celebrities! If we go to the movies and see lovely faces dressed up in solid styles, performing flawlessly in front of us. The first question that hit my mind hard was where they got all of the styling from or where we could find their outfits with such perfect quality. And also, it ought to be pocket-friendly. Otherwise, you would drop your dream of being a fashion star in the surroundings, so here we at LJB are serving you to bring Fresh new ideas from celebrities’ fashion directly into your wardrobe at affordable prices. Of course, you know our quality. So let’s not Be a flop but fab instead to spark like Venus in the night sky.

To kick start the discussion, we have Ken from Barbie. Yes, I mean Ryan Gosling.


Ryan Gosling has been our inspiration since he first entered the industry. His timeless look has made an impact on viewers and fashion enthusiasts. Ryan Gosling’s classic style in The Notebook is still memorable, even years later. But ever since we saw him as Ken, we could not help but fall in love with his gorgeous face and extraordinary acting skills. He did not only prove himself as a skilled actor but also, this Canadian star has lovely taste in styling. Ryan Gosling has a noteworthy fashion sense that is effortlessly stylish, whether on the red carpet or just out and about. His ability to mix and match different styles and textures to create unique and eye-catching outfits is remarkable. Unsurprisingly, he’s become such a fashion icon that makes us eagerly anticipate what he’ll wear next!

Our stereotypical Ken Ryan Gosling wore this blue denim vest in the movie. He looked gorgeous with his blonde hair and six-packs, and took our breath away. So, if you are mulling over getting this denim vest, we appreciate your taste and suggest trying out this trend. Our collection now has a Ryan Gosling denim vest that could be the perfect addition to your outfit.

Justin Bieber White Leather Jacket:

Personalities who not only make their mark once but twice include Justin Bieber. As he is one of the most famous artists globally, we could not resist his charm to be involved in this blog. Bieber is known for his catchy songs, charismatic personality, and distinctive style. His style has evolved, from his signature swoop hairdo to his current blond buzz cut. He likes experimenting with different looks, mixing casual and formal elements, streetwear and high fashion, and adding accessories like hats, sunglasses, and jewelry.

These additions made his style unique with the shades of art and individualism. Justin showcases his dance moves, guitar skills, and drumming abilities during the show. But also draws our attention towards his outfits and the great fashion sense that he possesses. On May 18, 2022, during his Justice World Tour, he donned a pink cropped hoodie at his Nashville concert. The tour commenced in February 2022 and concluded in June of the same year. He styled himself with a cap and necklace around his neck. That emphasized his personality even more. So, if you want to update your styles and outfits, this crop hoodie is for you. 

John Wick Brown Leather Jacket

Talking about fashion has been one of my favorite topics. While lounging at home or working at the office, discussing it with your peers at school, everyone can relate to this central point: “Fashion.” The primary sources who bring us the latest fashion trends are TV stars and movies because we try to copy them in any way possible. We are unaware of this fact, but still, we style ourselves ideally, thinking that our mind does it all by itself. Little do we know that the movie we watched weeks ago made our minds adopt new ways in our personalities. So there we have another inspo coming out of JOHN WICK!

Ever since its release, John Wick has been one of the most-watched movies because of its crime and thriller genre. This character was portrayed in this movie by Keanu Reaves, now most profoundly known as John Wick. While focussing on his wardrobe in the overall franchise, His stylists used their skills to the fullest. John Wick’s fashion sense radiates self-assurance and refinement within the franchise. His inclination towards black leather jackets contributes to his mysterious demeanor and magnetism. Yet here we go again with his brown leather jacket look to blow our minds completely.

John Wick looked stunning wearing the brown leather jacket over the white shirt and black denim pants. The fierce look on his face and the combination of this outfit left no room for us to admire him any further. If you plan to have a semi-formal look for any occasion, this brown leather jacket will assist you greatly in obtaining it. 

Dwayne Johnson Project Rock Varsity Jacket

Fashion is always about styling the right way, and if we are to inspire someone else, staying one step ahead is a must. Dwayne Johnson, the renowned American professional wrestler and actor, recently appeared in Red Notice and showcased his excellent acting skills. Johnson not only managed both grounds proficiently, but currently, he took the initiative to launch his brand and primarily collaborated with Under Armour.

This brand is Project Rock and is designed to promote fitness, training, and a healthy lifestyle. This brand has so far ranged from workout gear, training shoes, workout shirts, hoodies, shorts, and other athletic wear, all bearing the Project Rock branding. With his robust taste in making his appearance so gallant and versatile, Dwayne Johnson showed us a direction for styling with a Project Rock varsity jacket. The black color makes the varsity jacket intensely elegant, so if you want this gear, wait no more and assemble it with the correct combinations to make your outfit stylish. 

Taylor Swift Jumpsuit

The next inspiration is from our forever muse, Taylor Swift, who has achieved many milestones at a very young age in her career. From her songwriting skills to singing the high notes capabilities, she made it quite complex for future artists to combat her already-set records. And we are not finished here with swifts qualities. As an artist, Taylor Swift has always cared about her outfit styling for both on and off-screen appearances.

Since fashion designers and enthusiasts sit patiently with all eyes on her to achieve new ideas and create more, she plays a significant role in the fashion industry—a throwback to the twenty-third day of August 2019. Remember when Taylor was busy introducing her latest album, LOVER? During the promotion photoshoot, She was seen sporting this black jumpsuit with polka dots in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, and her Killer Looks caught many hearts in the blink of an eye. This Taylor Swift jumpsuit is all you need for the next formal or semi-formal event to be a trendsetter. For all the swifties who want to buy this beautiful jumpsuit, you can update your style at affordable prices through LJB. 

Pitbull White Suit

While discussing celebrity fashion, we must remember to mention the name of Pitbull, a famous American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known for his energetic and catchy music that combines elements of hip-hop, pop, and dance music. he rose to stardom during the mid-2000s and has since garnered global recognition, cementing their position as a prominent figure in the industry. Aside from his musical accomplishments, Pitbull is recognized for his philanthropic work and entrepreneurial pursuits. He has generously contributed to various charitable causes and established his own fragrance and clothing collection. With his infectious music and charismatic persona, Pitbull has solidified his status as a highly regarded figure in the entertainment realm. His distinctive fashion choices reflect his Miami roots and energetic stage presence. His outfits usually include suits, sunglasses accessories, fedora hats, footwear, and tattoos. 

At the 21st Latin Grammy Awards on November 19, 2020. Pitbull donned a white suit over a black shirt and paid homage to frontline workers working tirelessly during the COVID pandemic. During that stressful era, his performance became the reason to cheer up: Now that we are free from the pandemic, why not add his stylish white suit to our closets for the next formal event? You need not to be worried. LJB has added this pitbull white suit to the collection for you at very modest prices. 

Max Mayfield Fleece Jacket

Fashion is not about glam and shimmering all the time or always being ready for formal dinners or events. Fashion is all about how we feel. Even reflecting on ourselves from a distance, we ought to look more confident and relaxed in whatever we have dressed up or down. Being lowkey casual is what Gen Z requires nowadays, and the entire cast of Stranger Things has filled this gap. The whole group of kids were mostly teenagers and are accurately relatable to Gen Z.

It would be unfair not to mention the name of Max Mayfield. Yes, she is one of the significant characters in the show and has a lovely and girlish sense of style at the beginning of stranger things, but after the turning points in the story when Mayfield is highly stressed and chooses to be just a survival person, her fleece jacket caught the attention of the audience. Of course, we were distracted too and anxiously wanted to add it to our casual wear section for you at very scanty prices. Simple looks sometimes need more effort than formal ones, but the best part is thinking of casual only makes everyone relaxed and feel good times abruptly, like spending time at home or hanging out with friends or a peaceful walk to local stores. 

LeBron James Black Varsity Jacket

We are gathering fashionable people and their sense of styling in this blog. Today’s athletes are focused on fashion quite more than before. LeBron James is a famous American basketball player who has won several NBA championships and accolades and appeared in various films and TV projects, leaving us in amazement with his fashion choices. Sometimes, people like you and me start to wonder why some people are more talented than others and possess the ability to do everything. The power of can is more potent than it seems. And it all begins with the will and love of doing any task.

Celebrities do their things wholeheartedly, and stylists make them look successful on the screen. The personality of Lebron James resonates with a very sporty fashion sense in this picture. Yet, it is admirable for many of us since the wardrobe’s versatility is a mood booster. Lebron James’ black varsity jacket, which shows the logos of Nike and Tiffany over it, is a perfect choice, and he kept it all black and simple, pairing it with black denim jeans, while for his footwear, he wore joggers. You can also get this look just by checking out our website.

Tyler Durden Bath Robe 

Brad Pitt himself is a fashion icon, yet his portrayal as Tyler Durden in the famous movie adaptation of Fight Club is beyond appreciation. While we have discussed formal and casual outfits till now, Tyler Durden, with his peculiar styling, gave us a clue to look at the bigger picture and level up our fashion games even when going for hot showers after working the whole day. Tyler Durden’s sherpa bathrobe in Fight Club 1999 is exceptional as it has a lavender hue and cute little coffee mugs are embroidered in different colors, presenting a comfortable and cozy look. Celebrities never leave a moment to share their style guide with us, even if they swim in the pool or have fun at the beach. We have to be fashionable as it is today’s world necessity and staying behind would make us dull also it demotivates you in so many ways.

Sylvester Stallone M 65 Black Jacket

Sylvester Stallone is an American actor and filmmaker. At the beginning of his career, he faced too many difficulties, but later, his accomplishments proved him as one of the most talented actors. For the movie Creed, Sylvester Stallone worked as Rocky Balboa. His portrayal earned him critical acclaim and added depth to the character’s legacy. Stallone’s role in “Creed” connected old and new “Rocky” fans because the reformation always works in fashion, acting, or the show’s plot.

In this movie, Stallone is seen with a fantastic touch of vintage military style. Yes, he wore an M65 jacket in a black hue that dates back to the 1960s, as it was initially made for the American army during the Vietnam War. He has styled this m65 black coat over a black hoodie and pants. The overall ensemble creates an edgy and urban look, perfect for street fashion! So, the Sylvester Stallone M 65 Black jacket should be your styling guide if you want to keep it all black and plan to run your errands for the day. You can add a cap, such as a fedora hat, or would you like a derby? Both are perfect. 

Adapting New Styles

Our topic was to discuss celebrity fashion till now, and the inspiration we got through them is explicit. Some of us are stuck with the same old styles and outfits and never try new things, which is absurd. Believe me or not, change is the fundamental nature of the human species; unless and until we learn something, we need to see the process of our growth, not only in work or career growth but also in personalizing our wardrobe and styles, since the change always brings fresh starts and joy in life. If you have come across the idea of getting ready for your happiness, you would know what I am trying to convey: there are no better feelings than getting dressed up, adopting new styles, and living like you are born today!