Young Actor Cast Steal the Show in the TV Series the Chi


The Chi is a teen-based American tv series produced for showtime. Lena Waithe creates it. So far, its four seasons have been completed. The chi season 5 is going on and has captivated the audience’s attention. Fans love the season as it is a teen-based tv series. Youth, in particular, has a great fascination with The Chi series.

The Chi’s Story Plot

The Chi’s story is about half a dozen characters based in Chicago’s south side. Growing up in this part of Chicago is never easy. It is a matter of life and death. African-Americans are found in this area. They have a different lifestyle. The crime rate is exceptionally high. Children go to their school in tough conditions. Adults go out to earn their bread and butter. 

The lead character Jason Mitchell is an ambitious young man who dreams of having his restaurant one day. He is becoming a roller coaster between his dream and the responsibility of his mother and young brother. 

The Chi’s story revolves around African-American families. It shows the strong bonding between them. The Chi’s morale of the story is about hope. The hope makes every native of south Chicago keeps going and strive in harsh conditions. The drama is about the human touch and morality.

As the drama unfolds, there are many twists and turns in the story. It has a terrific screenplay. The director has done a fantastic job in creating this masterpiece. 

The Chi TV Series Actor Cast includes some talented actors, i.e., Jason Mitchell, Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Luke James, Tiffany Bone, Kandy Burruss, etc. All the cast have done an excellent job. Each actor in The Chi TV Series Cast has put great effort into the depth of the character and has an outstanding performance.

The Chi’s Outfits

The Chi Tiffany Orange Checkered Cotton Jacket front

The cast of the chi has come up with some outstanding outfits throughout all seasons. The Chi’s outfits have become a revolution. Fans have a special corner for The Chi Outfits. As a costume designer, Patrick Milani has done a remarkable job with his team. He visited south Chicago and observed the lifestyle of African-Americans. Their teenagers outfits, gangster culture, etc. 

Patrick put all these observations into his work and designed some outstanding clothes. Every character has been given a separate identity which reflects in the outfits. Teenagers love these attire and accessories. Not only do they admire the outfits, but they want to wear the same in their daily life.

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Reg Taylor as Barton Fitzpatrick

The main character in the Showtime coming-of-age original series The Chi is Reginald “Reg” Taylor. Barton Fitzpatrick is the actor who plays him.

Reg grew up on the south side of Chicago, around 63rd and Yates. He raised his younger brother Jake because their mother was a drug addict, and their father was detained at Statesville. He was a member of the 63rd Street Mob. The Wild Boyz killed him in a drive-by shooting sanctioned by Douda.

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Coogie Jhonson as Jahking Guillory

Rapper and actor Jahking Guillory is from the United States and plays Coogie Johnson in the Showtime original series The Chi. 

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Tai Davis as Tracy Roxbro

American actress Tai Davis plays Tracy Roxboro On Showtime’s coming-of-age original series The Chi. She has worn some stunning outfits in the series. 

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Alex R Hibbert as Kevin Williams

The main character of the Showtime coming-of-age original series The Chi is Kevin Miles Williams II. Alex Hibbert plays the role of Kevin Williams.

Kevin only wants to have fun with his buddies and flirt with pretty females. He is a good child from a caring family. However, after seeing the latter brutally kill Brandon Johnson’s brother, Ronnie Davis, he finds himself on a collision course with them.

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