Style Your Leather Vest to Look Bold and Perfect for Events


Apart from the jacket, another way to express yourself with style and comfort is by wearing a nice Leather Vest. It is also becoming an integral part of everyone’s closet. It keeps you warm and makes you look chic. What else do you want from an outfit? A Leather Vest can be made from any hide, i.e., cow, goat, calf, or sheep. It acts as a protective shield. It keeps you and your inner safe from dust and pollution and gives you warm vibes in chilly weather. You can wear it at any party, club, or even formal wear in-office meetings. 

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This article will discuss how to style your vest for a perfect outlook on any occasion. First, we will look at the brief history of how and when this beautiful attire was created.

History of Leather Vest

The leather Vest was first introduced as a protective material to alternate to the Jackets.

It all started in the last century when AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) declared that around 1% of bikers had rebellious nature. They like breaking the law and expressing their rebellious attitude. The leather vest became a sort of uniform for those law breakers bikers from then onwards. They started using patches on their vest to express their ranks. 

Then the Vest became more popular in the 1960s when the bikers made a habit of accessorizing their clothing and the motorcycle with different souvenirs and signs.

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Why Prefer A Leather Vest? 

A Leather Vest is a lighter alternative to a leather Jacket. It acts as a protective measure. Sometimes in winter, the weather is such that it is neither very cold nor warm. This is where the Vest comes in for your protection. It also allows you to show off your innerwear as well. Usually, a shirt or tee completely hides in a jacket. But with a Leather vest, you can show off your shirt sleeves. 

In this way, you can enhance your appeal more effectively. This way, Vest becomes ideal wear that gives you weather protection and makes you look voguish and stylish.

In recent years, there has been a shift in Leather Vest styling. It is evolving from practical outerwear to a fashion one. People are styling it beautifully and making their style statement through it.

What to wear under Leather Vest?

The leather itself has a classic vintage element associated with it. The inner should not be multicolor so that it does not overshadow the beauty of the Vest itself. The best idea is to wear a full-sleeved shirt with a pair of denim jeans. The layering should end with a classic pair of leather boots. In this way, you will get the perfect Vest combination. You will be the show stopper and attention grabber on every occasion.

How to Style your Leather Vests

After getting your desired Vest, the dilemma arises, How to style your Vest. There are numerous ways you can style a vest. They are versatile attire that can be worn in many different ways and styles. 


– A suitable Mens Leather Vest is the perfect add-on for formal wear for men. This is not the ideal outfit for your wedding. It can easily be worn if you are a guest. This is just a recommendation. Not any hard and fast rules. And if you want to wear it at your wedding, go for it – Make sure that your Vest is made of dark leather that will give you a clean and sleek look.

Another scenario to wear Vest formally would probably be in office gatherings or meetings. Wear your Leather Vest like you are wearing a three-piece suit. The same rules apply. Your Vest should be in a lighter color, and the ideal shirt should be white. Then decide on your tie based on your leather vest and shirt color to make a perfect combination.

For ladies, If you are planning a Women’s Vest or, more precisely, a Women’s Leather Vest, Styling will be slightly different. A vest will not go well with a gown or multicolor attire, but you should choose a more casual dress or a decent skirt and top. 


– Leather Vests looks more stylish and prominent in casual wear. For men, the best way you can wear them is to layer them with your denim jeans. The denim color will decide the casualness of your outfit, and so does the shirt under the Vest. You can have a nice T-shirt or a plaid button-down. As for footwear, you can wear your sneakers, cowboy boots, or regular shoes. The key is to choose your leather stuff of Vest wisely. Once it’s done, you can easily layer so many variations with your Leather Vest.

The same goes with ladies wearing Leather Vest in casual style. There is so much versatility. For females, you can wear a leather vest with jeans and go more casual, or a bit more dressed up for the top. It depends on the occasion you are going. The choice of shoes is essential. It will transform your outlook – You can rock the combo with heels, sneakers, or beautiful pair of sandals. In the winter season, you can wear boots that will be a killer combo and enhance your appeal.


We hope you have learnt the basics to style your Vest for bold and party looks. Feel free to browse our website, LJB for selecting the best available Leather Vest. From Mens to Womens Leather Vest, Womens Motorcycle Vest to Mens Motorcycle Vest or leather biker vest, we covers all the categories with some of the most modish and voguish Leather Vest.