Get a Stunning Look with these October Faction Outfits

Get a Stunning Look with these October Faction Outfits

The Super Horror Drama Genre has its audience. Not everyone is attracted to this genre. But those who are fond of this genre are hardcore followers. In the recent past, there has been a sudden rise in the number of this genre of TV series. It is more due to the increase in online streaming platforms. One such horror drama TV series is October Faction.

October Faction

October Faction is an American supernatural drama streaming television series created by Damian Kindler. It is based on the Comic Series of the same name by the writer duo of Steve Niles and Damien Worm. It premiered on January 23, 2020. The series stars include talented actors like Tamara Taylor, J. C. MacKenzie, Aurora Burghart, Gabriel Darku, Wendy Crewson, Megan Follows, and Stephen McHattie. The series was canceled after only one season.

October Faction Story 

October Faction is about the story of a monster-hunting couple, Fred and Deloris Allen, and their twin children, Geoff and Viv. After the death of Fred’s father, Samuel, the family decides to move back to their home town Barrington-on-Hudson for the funeral arrangements. Fred’s old past started haunted him with his tragic childhood memories, His brother’s death, and the endless arguments with his parents over his scarcity and choice of women. Fred faced some strange incidents in the house. His children started showing supernatural elements. That is where the Series takes a grip and unfolds the drama with lots of twists and turns.  

We are not revealing the whole story as we don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch it yourself to get a memorable watching experience from October Faction.

October Faction is remembered for the remarkable story and drama and because of the stunning wardrobe. 

This article will give you a brief overview of the October Faction Dresses.

October Faction Outfits

October Faction’s costume design is done by the versatile Alima Meyboom, who has some great series and movies to her credit like see, awake, lights out, etc. Her hallmark is to design the costume for the supernatural horror genre. Her genre is dark and rough movies. Not easy designing clothes for such a genre, but she has lived up to the expectations.  

In the October Faction, she has done a splendid job. All have worn classy outfits, from Fred Allen and Viv Allen to Deloris Allen and Geof Allen. Even the rest of the supporting cast has dressed beautifully. The Series is over, and we might not see it another season, but people remember the October Faction Outfits.

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Let’s look at some of the modish outfits from the October Faction wardrobe. 

JC Mackenzie Black Wool Coat

JC Mackenzie October Faction Black Wool Coat front
JC Mackenzie October Faction Black Wool Coat front

Actor JC Mackenzie plays the lead role of Fred Allen. Being the head of the family, he needs to look sober and gentlemen. That was evident in his dressing style as well. JC Mackenzie TV Series October Faction Fred Allen Black Wool Coat is a nice wool coat he wore during the Series. It is a classic style coat with lots of fine specifications.

It is made of fine Wool to keep you warm and comfy. Its buttoned closure style enhances its beauty further. It has a fitted waistline to give a perfect shape to the body. Overall it is a nice coat. You can grab this stylish coat from William Jacket at your convenience.

Michelle Nolden Trench Black Coat

Hannah Mercer is one of the recurring characters in October Faction. She is portrayed by the beautiful Canadian actress Michelle Nolden. She is a Presidio Foundation agent who reports directly to Edith Mooreland. Michelle Nolden has acted brilliantly in the Series. Her choice of wardrobe is also up to the mark. 

She wore this beautiful Michelle Nolden Hannah Mercer Double Breasted Wool Trench Black Coat which suits her appearance and character. She has brilliantly carried the fine trench coat. The coat has some decent specifications. It is made from blended wool, which will keep the wearer warm.

Moreover, it has buttoned closure, fitted waistline, and open hem cuffs. It is a lovely coat. Ladies should look forward to buying it and making it part of their wardrobe. 

Kate Ross October Faction Grey Wool Coat

Kate Ross is an American actress. She portrays the recurring characters Kate Marshall/Young Edith on October Faction. She wore this stunning Ross Kate Marshall Grey Wool Coat. Styling a wool coat cannot get better than this. Kate Ross has carried the attire with great style and elegance.

It is a beautiful coat with fantastic design details. It is fabricated from high-quality Wool. Moreover, it has a buttoned front closure, fitted waistline, and open hem cuffs. All these attributes make it a perfect coat for all ladies. It can be wearable with a cardigan and a muffler to complete the style statement. 

Alice Harlow Sherpa Fur Coat

Maxim Roy, the Canadian actress, plays the role of Alice Harlow in the Series. Alice Harlow is one of the main characters of the October Faction. Alice is a revengeful vizard who targets the Allen family. Keeping her character in mind, Outfits that suits her dark character were given to her. The costume designer has once again done a remarkable job with Maxim Roy.

She wore this stunning Alice Harlow TV Series Maxim Roy Double Breasted Sherpa Fur Coat. It is an outstanding Sherpa Fur Coat. The coat can’t be better than this one from October Faction. It has lots of delicate touches and design details. The coat is made up of Sherpa Fur, which will give the maximum warmth. Moreover, it has YYK front zipper closure. Furthermore, it has a fitted waistline, full-length sleeves, and open hem cuffs.

All these details add value to this lovely Sherpa Fur Coat. It is highly recommended for all ladies.


That is all we have in this article. We have shared the details of some fantastic outfits from October Faction. William Jacket has included many other dresses in the October Faction collection. Our customers can order it from our online shopping store of William Jacket and grab their stuff. Happy Shopping!