What Celebrities Wear in the TV Show Locke & Key?


An American supernatural horror drama television series called Locke and Key. Carlton Cuse, Aron Eli Coleite, and Meredith Averill created the television series. On February 7, 2020, Netflix announced its debut. The comic book series Locke and Key by Gabriel Rodriguez and Joe Hill served as an inspiration for the series. We have the Locke & Key Outfits Collection in stock. 

Griffin Gluck, Laysla De Oliveira, Petrice Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Emilia Jones, and Connor Jessup are the series’ main characters.

Fans are impressed with Netflix’s adaptation of Locke & Key. The long-running comic book series is beautifully adapted into television that takes viewers to an odd universe. Rendel Locke’s children and widow move into the huge New England estate he grew up in after his abrupt death. The youngsters learn their family house has more mysteries than they could ever imagine as they adjust to their new existence.

The fabulous clothing choices that make the kids feel contemporary and approachable but also difficult to put in the time are a big part of what makes Locke & Key so magical. With these Locke & Key TV Show Cast Outfits, you may now dress like one of your favorite characters.

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Locke and Key Javi Varsity Maroon Jacket Front

These Locke & Key TV Show Cast Merchandise included coats and jackets in a variety of styles. Along with the gorgeous Javi Varsity Locke & Key Maroon Jacket and other fashionable items, there are many outfits you’ll be thrilled to have in your wardrobe.

In addition to appearing impressive, these garments are made of sturdy materials. So go through this Locke & Key Clothing Guide, pick your favorite, and maintain your class forever.

Locke & Key Dodge White Leather Coat

Laysla De Oliveira, who plays the role of Dodge in the Locke and Key television drama series available on Netflix, wore this coat in the role. This classy coat is the most trending from the Locke & Key TV Show Cast Coats. The genuine leather used to make the coat is of the highest quality. Due to the inside soft and cozy viscose lining, you will feel warm and snug wearing this clothing. The coat is an alluring shade of off-white. The front of Laysla De Oliveira Locke & Key Dodge White Leather Coat is closed with double-breasted buttons. This Locke & Key Dodge Coat has two front-side waist pockets where you may store your belongings. The full-length sleeves of the Dodge leather coat have exposed hem cuffs. The addition of a lapel collar to the clothing’s elements gives it a more appealing appearance.

Tyler Locke Puffer Blue Jacket

The well-known Canadian actor Connor Jessup played Tyler Locke in the Locke and Key television series. The exterior of the Connor Jessup Tyler Locke Blue Puffer Jacket is made of supple parachute material and is an eye-catching shade of blue. Its shoulders are striped in red and brown and have a puffer-like feel. There is a front zipper with a silver logo that extends to the level of the rib knit collar. The Tyler Jacket from Locke and Key Tyler Clothing has full-length sleeves. Knitted waistband and cuffs conform to your body contour. A silky viscose lining is available to keep you warm in the chilly temperatures. You may secure all of your valuables in the two waist-side zipper pockets.

Because it is lightweight and features high-quality stitching, the Tyler Locke Jacket is both pleasant and long-lasting to wear. This Blue jacket is undoubtedly one of the most attractive jackets from Locke & Key TV Show Cast Jackets collection. Be quick! And place an order to get it before the stock runs out.

Dodge Black Leather Jacket

Laysa De Oliveria, who plays Dodge in the well-known American television drama, Locke & Key, wore this jacket on-screen. The actress superbly portrayed the lead character. Genuine leather of the highest caliber is used to create the Laysla De Oliveira Black Shearling Dodge Leather Jacket. You will always be warm and comfortable thanks to the interior of this clothing, which has a soft and cozy faux shearling lining. The dress is available only in black. Key & Lock A shearling lapel-style collar is featured on Laysla De Oliveria’s shearling jacket. The sleeves of this jacket have full-length shearling lined cuffs. Two front-side waist pockets are available for storing items. The cuffs with the shearling lining look great.

Javi Varsity Maroon Jacket

Varsity jackets are always ideal, especially when it comes to comfort in the chilly winters and sophistication. In the most current supernatural horror television series, Locke and Key, we witnessed one of the most fashionable and laid-back varsity coats ever. In the film, Kevin Alves, who plays the understated but significant role of Javi, one of the protagonists’ companions, flaunts the jacket with effortless charm. He looks fantastic in this excellent jacket.

The Kevin Alves Letterman TV Series Locke & Key Javi Varsity Maroon Jacket is made with care from a real, 100% cotton fabric lined on the inside with a soft viscose fabric, providing you with the utmost comfort and warmth. The Locke & Key Javi Varsity Jacket is maroon and white and features traditional rib-knitted collars, waistlines, and cuffs. It also has a high-quality buttoned front clasp, side waist pockets, and a gorgeous finishing shine. 

Kinsey Parka Green Jacket

The show has gained notice for its incredibly intriguing plot and superb acting cast, particularly the stunning girls. Emilia Jones, who plays one of the Kinsey siblings, looks stunning in this Emilia Jones TV Series Locke And Key Kinsey Locke Green Parka Jacket With Hood.

The long Locke & Key Kinsey Parka Jacket is made meticulously and with great attention to detail from the greatest quality and true fabric. It has an inside fine line of moisture-resistant viscose that provides you with an astonishing degree of comfort, warmth, and ease all day. The attire is brown and has a modern appearance along with lovely and protective hooded collars, full-length fitted sleeves with buttoned cuffs, an excellent buttoned-up front finish, and side waist capacious flap pockets.

Eric Graise Locke & Key Parachute Jacket

Eric Graise is a talented young singer, actor, and dancer with many adoring young fans who obsess over every new move he makes. In the fictional television series Locke & Key, the handsome performer portrays Logan Calloway. He may be seen wearing this incredibly cozy Logan Calloway Eric Graise Parachute Fabric Red Jacket, which is made of premium parachute fabric to go with your upscale sense of style. Additionally, it features a few roomy pockets with easy access.

Instead of any collar, a round neckline with delicate stitching is included to allow you to wear your favorite clothing daily. The rib knitted cuffs, whose fitting can be adjusted depending on the size of the wrist, look fantastic with a brand-named zipper closure function. The inside and outside pockets on the Eric Graise jacket have adequate room for all the items. Now let’s talk about the materials we used to create the inner and outer sides, including viscose and parachute, both of which are strong. Available in red, it looks fantastic when paired with bright hues like blue jeans.

Rufus Whedon Locke & Key Blue Puffer Jacket

Rufus Whedon Blue Puffer Jacket is a fantastic piece of clothing from Rufus Whedon Locke & Key Outfits. In the television series Locke and Key, he played Rufus Whedon, Ellie’s adopted son and the groundskeeper of Keyhouse. The most recent American supernatural horror drama television show is this one. Griffin Gluck, Emilia Jones, Jackson Robert Scott, Petrice Jones, and Darby Stanchfield are also featured.

Navy blue and orange are combined to create the Rufus Whedon TV Series Locke And Key Coby Bird Fur Collar Puffer Jacket, which is made of parachute material. This jacket includes a shearling lining inside and puffer-type collars. Open snap tab buttons with zipper closing are found on the frontage. On the inside of the puffer jacket, Full-length, knitted sleeves in orange have ribbed cuffs. One on the chest and two on the sides of the waist are the three outer flap pockets. Additionally, there are two interior pockets. The Rufus Wheldon Jacket would also be useful for camping trips because it offers protection from all types of inclement weather. Obtain it right away!