Worst Celebrity Costumes from The Boys TV Show


The Boys is one of the all-time most popular superhero television series. It has made a revolutionary connection with its fan base thanks to excellent direction from creator Eric Kripke, sharp and enlightening social criticism, and outstanding performances from Antony Starr (Homelander), Karl Urban (Butcher), and many others.

But what many fans adore most about The Boys is its rapidly growing cast of weird superheroes, who can be recognized by their unusual The Boys costumes. However, while Homelander’s star-spangled cape may be instantly recognizable, some of Vought’s other heroes have, to be honest, less-than-super costumes.

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Queen Maeve’s Armor looks weird other than in Battle

It looks fantastic when Queen Maeve is posing for photos for one of Vought’s movies or even competing against Homelander. On the other hand, it seems rather absurd when she is simply hanging about Vought Tower in her full body armor suit.

Fair enough, that’s probably on purpose and unavoidable, and it also emphasizes the show’s central message: heroes can only be truly great when the entire world is watching. The contrast between Maeve flaunting herself for a wage and her day-to-day struggles to get by is very different.

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Starlight’s Costumes exposing too much

There is nothing wrong with somebody wanting to exhibit more skin or express their sexuality in any way they see fit.

The primary issue with Starlight’s outfit in The Boys’ first season is that it was adjusted against her will to make her more seductive. She is compelled to wear a revealing bodysuit with no stockings in place of her fashionable gloves, adorably idealistic cape, and smart headband. Fortunately, Starlight regained her independence during Season 3 and changed her appearance.

Blue Hawk odd Biker outlook


Only Blue Hawk is the most likely to believe his outfit is cool. The layout appears to be specifically intended to appeal to (and cater to) his kind of toxic, power-driven masculinity.

Blue Hawk’s appearance in Biker costume is further enhanced by a ridiculous-looking helmet, in addition to the dirty and nasty body armor, the stereotypical “tough-guy” leather jacket, and so many pointless clasps that he’d make Rob Liefeld blush. His head appears much larger than it is due to its shape, which has a bulbous upper section. Overall, he seems to be a jerk cosplaying as a police officer, which is ideal for his role.

Shockwave Had an A-Train-Lite appearance.

In the first season of The Boys, Shockwave was a bit player who served as A-main Train’s speedy rival. His running prowess undoubtedly rivals A-ferocious Train’s pace, but his costume falls short of the finish line.

The orange color scheme would have been effective, but it is ruined by these vivid, tactically unnecessary grey accent pieces like glued-on rubber. Furthermore, Shockwave, A-rival, Train lacks a lot of the safety gear that makes A-suit Train so awesome. Without a chest piece, it is difficult to imagine how fantastic it will feel to hit bugs at Mach-5.

The Season 3 Redesign of A-Train Was Created To Control His Community

A-Train is worried about trying to maintain his fan base’s interest in Season 3, given that he can no longer run at super-speed (the result of his struggle with substance abuse). His main goal is to reinvent himself as the traditional “Black” superhero, and the results are precisely as embarrassing as one might think.

His clothing, updated with a color scheme that honors the South African flag, serves as a visual representation of this transition. Some of the best humor of the season came from watching him use the outfit to promote commercialized “middle-ground” propaganda featuring police brutality and energy drinks. This served to emphasize further how awful the costume is.

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Black Noir Is Just too Creepy But Boring-looking

Black Noir’s outfit is both uncomfortable, frightening, and completely dull. He appears to be a misplaced hockey goalkeeper or quarterback due to something about the all-black uniform with no apparent branding or markings.

Noir, though, feels much more disturbing as a result of adding that to Nathan Mitchell’s excellent non-verbal portrayal. While Black Noire is undoubtedly scary in the typical sense, his outfit and excellent performance give off the antisocial grunge vibes of someone who spends far too much time on the dark web.

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Swatto was killed because of his dull costumes

On The Boys, a flashback to Mallory’s time serving with the superhero team Payback, featured a brief appearance by the character Swatto. His only real means of flying is through icky bug wings that emerge from his back.

Swatto does not receive any points for this one special costume characteristic because superpowers are a superpower and not a design choice. His outfit is essentially Black Noir without the wings but with much less texture and detail. Additionally, he is a target because of his all-black attire, which contrasts Cuba’s lush surroundings like a fly on the beach.

Mindstorm was not dressed for battle, but for Mad Men

One of the Payback’s most shrewdly destructive members was Mindstorm. This super possessed the power to confine a victim to a mental prison of their own worst memories, leaving them there to starve to death. As part of the first super’s mission to get revenge on his squad, Butcher and Hughie assist Soldier Boy in tracking down Mindstorm.

Mindstorm appears in flashbacks wearing a good suit and turtleneck. The superhero may not require a full suit of armor due to his mind-based abilities, but it would have been good to have something more intriguing to wear than Armani.

Ezekiel is attired as the worst Christian rock concert ever

Ezekiel played a supporting role in The Boys’ inaugural season. Due to his extraordinary power to extend any portion of his body, he first appeared in a super club fornicating with several guys at once. Hughie uses this to threaten the openly homophobic Christian superhero and demand information about Compound V from him.

The attire of Ezekiel is so ironically, pompously low. It’s precisely the attire a pious rock star would dress before leaving mass in a private jet to project modesty. It’s not very attractive and makes me want to groan. 

Gunpowder’s Costumes are 90% Ammo

Soldier Boy’s sidekick while the latter was still a Vaught supe. Gunpowder was a member of Payback. He appeared to have superhuman aim and the capacity to predict the fatal trajectory of ricocheting bullets. Gunpowder suffers his Temp V powers for the first time when Butcher finds him at a weapons show.

The target audience for Gunpowder’s outfit is the kind of gun-toting enthusiasts who build their entire character around their weapons. There isn’t much more going on here save ammunition and sporting goods.