Wear It Like the Celebrities in The Love 101 TV Show

Wear It Like the Celebrities in The Love 101 TV Show

Since the start of online streaming of series and movies, there has been a revolution in TV/Web Series content. We are witnessing content from various countries and in different languages on web platforms. Recently Turkey’s web content creators have come up with some fantastic TV series in other genres. This article will discuss the popular Turkish TV series, Love 101.

Love 101 TV series

Love 101 is a drama based on youth. It is about the adventures of 5 high school-age youngsters who are very naughty but do not want to be expelled. Thes series has attracted a lot of attention from the youth. It has an audience all over the world. The drama series has some shining young stars as Kubilay Aka, Alina Boz and İpek Filiz. This drama is primarily for high school-going teenagers. There are a lot of fun and comedy situations. Youth can easily relate to the drama series. 

The young cast has come up with fantastic costumes, shoes, and jewelry, which have become popular among the youth. Young fans are so involved in the drama series that they want to match their looks with their favorite artist’s outlook in the series.

Love 101 story plot

Elif Love 101 Lapel Style School Wool Coat frotn
Elif Love 101 Lapel Style School Wool Coat frotn

Love 101’s story is about a group of teenagers based in a high school. They all were closely bonded together. All were highly naughty and immature. At the same time, the teacher’s faculty and school management were planning to expel them, except for one, Burcu. She used to forgive their mistakes and support them in their studies. 

The teenagers got the sad news about the relocation of their favorite teacher Burcu. She was transferred to some other city. This means all their groups will be expelled sooner or later. They learned that according to law, the management could drop the transfer if she is married in the same city. That’s where they made a plan to get her teacher married in the same town.

That is how the drama unfolds, and it has some exciting scenes. Lots of twists in the series glued the audience to their favorite drama series. 

Love 101 Outfits

With a gripping storyline, the drama has attracted the attention of youth. The drama is trending because of some incredibly funky and catchy Love 101 Dresses. All the young cast has worn some fabulous dresses and accessories. 

To make things easy for our young customers, LJB has come up with the up-to-date outfit collection from Love 101. We have a complete range of Love 101 costumes, including Love 101 Jackets, Coats, Vests, and Trucker Jackets.

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Here we will take a brief look at some of the stylish Love 101 dresses. 

Alina Boz Red and Blue Eda Fleece Jacket

Eda wears this jacket from Love 101 Jackets. She is one of the main characters and is played by talented teenage actress Alina Boz. She is an intelligent and genius girl who likes to be bold. Her fashion and styling sense is impressive.      

The Alina Boz TV Series Love 101 Eda Red and Blue Fleece Jacket is classy and elegant. It is an ideal wear for everyday activities. It’s made from fleece fabric. The sleeves are fitted with rib-knitted blue cuffs. Moreover, it has a zippered closure and a shirt-style turned-down collar. It is a youthful jacket that can be a stylish wardrobe for high-school-going teenagers.

This stylish attire will bring style and class to your personality.

Ipek Filiz Isik White Denim Trucker Jacket

Love 101 young cast has become a revolution in the fashion scene with their young and trendy outfits. This lovely attire from Trucker Jackets is also an excellent one. Young girls love this Trucker Jacket. 

This Ipek Filiz Isik White Denim Trucker Jacket is worn by Turkish teenage actress Ipek Filiz who portrayed Isik in the show. She is a bold teenager who is confident and likes taking the initiative. She has a fun element in his character, which is shown up in her clothes.  

This jacket has some attractive features. It is a white jacket. It has a buttoned closure style. Moreover, it has a fitted hemline for perfect body fit. It has a nice shirt-style collar and buttoned cuffs. Overall it is a catchy outfit. This is a must-have Jacket for all young teenage girls. You can order it from LJB’s online shopping store.

Alina Boz Eda Blue Denim Vest

Vests are popular attire among the youth. Love 101 is based on youth. They have also worn Vests with a lot of flair and elegance. This Alina Boz Eda Blue Sleeveless Denim Vest is very trending. It was worn by Alina Boz. She is a strong and bold character from the show. She likes wearing funky and casual clothes. With a lovely body, she carries all dresses well. 

These denim vests have lots of distinctive features. It is made from high-quality denim. This has a fitted waistline to give a perfect fit to the body. It will be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. The vest will add style and class to your persona.

Love 101 Sinan Brown Genuine Leather Jacket

Every character in the show has its own unique identity. All these friends have different shades of their personalities. The excellent choice of clothes and styling are all made into special and distinguished characters.   

Sinan is one of the main characters from Love 101. He is a spoiled child whose parents got separated. He used to live with his grandfather. Sinan used to do strange things. Even he used to make half-hearted suicide attempts. 

Sinan was spotted wearing this stylish Sinan Mert Yazicioglu Distressed Brown Genuine Leather Jacket from Love 101 Jackets collection. He carried off this Jacket well. It has some distinctive features, which appeal to youth. This is made up of genuine leather. It has a distressed brown collar. Moreover, it has a fitted waistline, buttoned cuffs, and a shirt-style turn-down collar.

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That is a brief overview of the lovely dresses from the drama series. To get all the latest merchandise from Love 101, you can go through our online shopping store at LJB. You will get all the catchy attires from the drama series.