Maggie Q Will Likely to Get New Film Cast in The Protege 2


Before we discuss the idea of a The Protege sequel, it is vital to once again emphasize how wonderful the Martin Campbell-directed action film The Protege is. Maggie Q’s Anna is a skilled contract killer who was nurtured and instructed by Samuel L. Jackson’s Moody. After Moody is slain, Anna starts looking for his killer. Yes, it’s that simple, yet The Protégé stands out because of a number of expertly crafted set pieces and Q’s terrific lead performance. If you’ve seen her work in shows like Nikita on The CW and Mission: Impossible III, you’ll understand why she’s the best fit for this part. She definitely delivers in the end film. The Protege Maggie Q makes such a large impact that the role merited her own action movie series, much like John Wick. 

Is The Protege Sequel In Works?

Regarding this topic, it was inevitable that this question was going to be asked one way or another. Maggie Q was asked this question about The Protege 2 during her appearance at Collider Ladies Night, to which she replied, “I would love more.” Maggie Q  was unable to make any promises, but she did tease about the probability of a The Protege sequel. She says she will definitely be open to The Protégé’s sequel. She discusses how entertaining the movie is for the viewers. Also, she said that reuniting with Campbell and the group would be ideal for her. To her statement, Q adds a caveat that a sequel would solely depend on how well the film went with viewers. Currently, it’s tough for potential sequels to be reliant on movie office performance. But with that conclusion, let’s hope The Protégé gets the recognition it deserves to justify more. 

The Protege Michael Keaton Hooded Puffer Jacket front
The Protege Michael Keaton Hooded Puffer Jacket front

Getting to Know The Protege

The Protégé tells the story of Anna, who was saved as a small kid and raised as an assassin by Moody, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Anna starts a vengeance mission when Moody is killed. The film also stars Robert Patrick, Michael Keaton, and Denzel Washington. The screenplays for both of Denzel Washington’s Equalizer movies were written by Richard Wenk. Martin Campbell, who is famous for directing GoldenEye and Casino Royale, two films starring James Bond, is the man behind the direction of The Protégé.

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Anna Dutton’s Jacket

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Michael Rembrandt’s Puffer Jacket

The Character Michael Rembrandt, who is played by Michael Keaton, is one of the main characters of the film. Michael Keaton is a handsome fella, and he maintained that reputation when he wore this Blue Hooded Puffer Jacket in the film. This puffer jacket of Michael Rembrandt is made from the best parachute material with a viscose inner lining that is plush and cozy. You can wear this jacket to show off your true fashion sense and keep yourself warm this winter.

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Benny’s Black Jacket

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