Chrissy Stranger Things: Things You Want To Know About Her


Before the advent of the internet, people’s favorite pastime was watching TV series or movies in the cinema. Internet and, later on, social media & streaming websites have revolutionized the entertainment industry. Now a fantastic collection of movies & series are placed on streaming sites. Even these websites are now producing quality content with their own production houses, and sometimes they collaborate with big production houses. 

In this article, we will discuss Chrissy Thing, the most memorable character from the popular series Stranger Things. Before we move on further, we will briefly introduce the series.

Stranger Things

Stranger things is one of the most successful series from the popular streaming website. It all started way back in the year 2016 when its first season was released. The series had taken everyone by storm. The people had gone crazy after the stranger things in no time. The story, drama, casting, everything was simply amazing. People get glued to their screens, and then it becomes a habitual thing. The season keeps coming afterward; the brilliance of Stranger things never fades away. So far, its four seasons have been successfully released, and the fifth one is in the pipeline.

Stranger things is based at Indiana in the year 1980. It is a story about a group of friends who faced supernatural things and witnessed the government’s exploitation. They started investigating, and all of them began to face mysterious incidents. We have just given a summary. To get more knowledge of the series, you must start watching all the exciting seasons of Stranger things.

Who Is Chrissy in Stranger Things?


Chrissy Cunningham’s character was introduced in the first episode of season 4. It turned out to be the most important character; Stranger Things Season 4 Chrissy revolved around her role. Chrissy Stranger Things was the daughter of Phillip and Laura Cunningham, born on June 13, 1968. She had a young brother whose name was not known in the series. Chrissy resides in the small Midwestern town of Hawkins, Indiana. She joined Hawkins Middle School in 1979 when she was around 11. She was a brilliant student, much sharper than her class fellows. She was a versatile child. Not only was she good at her studies, but she also possessed multi-talented skills.

She took part in a talent show program at School as a cheerleader. In this show, she did a cheerleading routine along with Eddie Munson, who played guitar in his band, Corroded Coffin. Chrissy and Eddie stranger things both liked each other’s performance. However, they didn’t fall into a relationship. Times passes away, and Chrissy keeps growing and becomes successful in whatever she does. She became the lead Cheerleader of the Hawkins Cheerleading team. Her success had no limits. She keeps striving hard. She was the ultimate perfectionist and role model for all students. She was enjoying the peak of her stardom in School. She was the most popular female student in her school. Eventually, her hard work paid off, and she got the title of the “Queen of Hawkins High.”

Chrissy was a teenager now. Her stardom at the School helped her start a relationship with Jason Carver, Chrissy boyfriend stranger things, who happens to be the captain of the School’s baseball team. That was the best part of her life. She had everything any teenage girl could have imagined. A happy life, fame, a handsome boyfriend, and an ideal life anyone can think of. Her class fellows used to get jealous of her. Soon her life started going downward. She looked happy from the outside. But her condition was deteriorating from the inside. She had no inner peace and was constantly under pressure. There were different kinds of pressures on her: keeping her stardom intact, not losing her boyfriend, etc. She was a sensitive child. She suffered from an eating disorder and Chrissy mom stranger things used to scold her a lot. That made her constantly ill, and soon she went into depression. 

The Misfortune of Chrissy

Chrissy’s situation worsened further when her health started deteriorating as well. She began experiencing headaches at least six days a week. She additionally developed a drug addiction. The worst aspect, though, is that she then started to have insane and demonic experiences. Chrissy began to experience unsettling hallucinations, which left her feeling uneasy and ill. She also saw a terrifying creature beckoning her from another realm and pursuing her after these visions.

Chrissy was unaware that Vecna, the show’s major adversary, was responsible for all of this. Vecna was exploiting Chrissy’s pain, and the visions were merely a sign of that. As Chrissy began regularly encountering demonic creatures, the visions became more frequent. Vecna would occasionally imitate Chrissy’s mother in these visions to tease her.

Vecna did that to mock Chrissy and imitated her emotionally upsetting recollections of her mother yelling at her. Ultimately, it worsened her mental condition and increased her desire to use narcotics. When Chrissy and Eddie Stranger Things engaged in a drug exchange in the woods, things turned out to be far worse than expected.

She heard a grandfather clock strike there, and dozens of tiny spiders sprung out of the broken glass as it struck. Chrissy became frightened and ran into Eddie as she turned to go. The clock had vanished at that point, but Chrissy was still traumatized by the event. Later that day, the second incident occurred when Chrissy entered Eddie’s trailer to obtain some narcotics. Chrissy was left alone in the van when Eddie got out, so she heard the clock strike and experienced the visions once more.

How Did Chrissy Die Stranger Things?

Due to its ferocity, this encounter ended up being the last one in Chrissy’s life and effectively sealed her fate. Chrissy could not face the burden and consequences of this occurrence on her. And as a result, Chrissy ultimately gave her life to it. But just before she passed away, she realized that she was in a big mansion instead of Eddie’s trailer. Then, Chrissy had dreams in which she saw Vecna dressing up like her mother and sitting in a chair. She was sewing a dress and calling out Chrissy’s name loudly.

Later, the voice evolved into a spooky scream, and the face turned around to reveal that it was a demonic sight. Due to a series of subsequent occurrences, Chrissy eventually found herself in a hallway next to the door.

She shut the door to keep Chrissy’s Mom from getting to her. She could not keep it closed for too long. The demon ultimately unlocked the door. Chrissy then hurried down some steps, where she came across her father relaxing in a chair. Chrissy screamed in terror as her dad’s face turned. His eyes were hollowed, and his mouth was stitched shut. Eddie came back and found Chrissy standing immobile. He made every effort to wake her up, but Chrissy was engaged entirely in the visions, and it was impossible for her to come out of it.

While Chrissy was yelling for help, the lights in Eddie’s trailer started to blink. However, the voices that continued shouting at Chrissy began to approach. A tall figure touched Chrissy’s face, telling her to stop weeping and that her suffering must end.

The Last Time Chrissy Breath

 At this point, it was pretty straightforward that Chrissy’s life was about to end. However, what makes it so horrifying to see is the terrified manner in which she died. The horror of Chriss grew as a tall creature’s shape grumbled as it paced across the hallway. Upon reaching her, it extended its claw over her face. When Chrissy begins levitating, the audience sees yet another unexpected development in this frightening sequence of incidents. The spectators felt terror after seeing this. She was then slammed to the ceiling back first while she was levitating. She sustained catastrophic wounds because her limbs violently started to twist and snap.

Her jaws also began to twist and break. Her eyes exploded immediately after that. Eddie was so terrified by everything that he ran as far away from the scene as he could after seeing it all. Chrissy’s life ended, and she was eventually killed there. The last nail was driven into the coffin when Chrissy’s body was dropped to the ground. However, Chrissy was finally relieved of the suffering and battle she had endured for so long.

After Effects of Chrissy’s Death

Chrissy stranger things the dead body was found in Eddie’s trailer shortly after she passed away. Everyone in Hawkins was shocked by the stranger things Chrissy death. The town was filled with fear as everyone speculated about how she died or went out. But one thing is sure—it shocked the entire town, which believed Eddie was responsible for her death. He escaped because he was wanted as the main suspect in her murder. Due to their suspicion that Eddie had used a Satanic ritual to kill Chrissy, the town’s residents and Chrissy’s boyfriend Stranger Things, went on the quest for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Chrissy Stranger Things?

Chrissy Cunningham was born in 1967-1968, and she died in the year 1986. At the time of her death, she was a growing teenager of around 17-18 years.

Who Plays Chrissy in Stranger Things?

Young American actress Grace Van Dien played the role of Chrissy in Stranger Things. She also is a twitch streamer. Her twitch streaming channel, Blue Fille, subscribers skyrocketed after the stranger things. Her current subscribers’ numbers are around a whooping 245K.

Who Is Chrissy in Stranger Things?

Chrissy Cunningham was the top Cheerleader at Hawkins High School. Her parents were Phillip and Laura Cunningham. She also was Jason Carver’s girlfriend. Her academic and co-curricular performance as a cheerleader won her the title “Queen of Hawkins High.”

What’s Wrong with Chrissy Stranger Things?

She was shown as having psychological discomfort throughout the entire series, caused by a terrible event involving her parents. She has bulimia, a type of eating disorder. Her mental and physical health problems caused her depression. Eventually, she ended up being a drug addict. She was consistently taking Marijuana from Eddie.

What Killed Chrissy Stranger Things?

In Stranger Things, Chrissy is killed by Vecna, a terrifying and demonic sentient who uses his curse and hallucination to kill her.

Was Chrissy Pregnant Stranger Things?

No, Chrissy was not pregnant

Why Did Chrissy Die Stranger Things?

Chrissy’s killer, Vecna, planned a scheme to kill anyone who had experienced trauma to unlock the Curse gate. Chrissy, whose trauma was being verbally abused by her mother, experienced the same thing. After Vecna killed her, a gate in the area of her death began to gradually open.

Why Did Vecna Kill Chrissy in Stranger Things?

In Stranger Things, Vecna killed Chrissy to carry out his plan to unlock four cursed gates across Hawkins, allowing the Upside Down to creep into the area.

In What Episode Does Chrissy Die Stranger Things?

Chrissy died after being killed by Vecna in the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. The name of that episode is Chapter One: The Hellfire Club.

What Is the Cast of Stranger Things Season 4?

The cast of Stranger Things Season 4 includes these actors:
• Winona Ryder played Joyce Byers
• David Harbour played Jim Hopper
• Millie Bobby Brown played Eleven / Jane Hopper
• Martie Blair played Young Eleven
• Finn Wolfhard played Mike Wheeler
• Gaten Matarazzo played Dustin Henderson
• Caleb McLaughlin played Lucas Sinclair
• Noah Schnapp played Will Byers
• Sadie Sink played Max Mayfield
• Belle Henry played Young Max
• Natalia Dyer played Nancy Wheeler
• Charlie Heaton played Jonathan Byers
• Joe Keery played Steve Harrington
• Maya Hawke played Robin Buckley
• Brett Gelman played Murray Bauman
• Priah Ferguson played Erica Sinclair
• Matthew Modine played Martin Brenner
• Paul Reiser played Sam Owens
• Jamie Campbell Bower played Henry / Vecna / One
• Raphael Luce played Young Henry Creel
• Cara Buono played Karen Wheeler
• Eduardo Franco played Argyle
• Joseph Quinn played Eddie Munson