Embrace the Bold Look with these Bullet Train Movie Outfits


People all across the world like watching thriller movies because they take them on a fun-loving roller coaster ride. When action-packed scenes get added in, it makes the experience more enjoyable. These days, there are many outstanding action-thriller movies that have made their mark on history books and are currently enjoyed by viewers. But the upcoming Bullet Train is going to surpass these films. The release of Bullet Train has generated a lot of buzz around the town. The action-thriller movie Bullet Train is poised to rock the world of cinema and revolutionize this genre for years to come. We can all be confident that it will be a fantastic addition to the Hollywood industry. Today we will take a look inside the storyline of Bullet Train in this blog. We will also be talking about some of its outfits that we got to see from pre-released photos and trailers.

The Storyline of Bullet Train 

The story of Bullet Train revolves around the adventures that take place due to five assassins getting on board a bullet train. It features Brad Pitt as Ladybug, who is a trained killer that has not had any luck recently and has messed up one too many gigs. He wants to take the easy route by giving up his life. But Maria Beetle, who is his handler, pulled him back in and saves him. He wants Ladybug to collect a briefcase on a moving bullet train that is very fast and is heading from Tokyo to Kyoto. Ladybug finally wants to do his job peacefully this time around. But the time and fate have different plans for him. Everything is against him as he is put on a collision course with deadly rivals from around the world on his latest mission. Ladybug is yet again pitted against fate. 

All the assassins find out the missions that they came for have something in common with one another. Everyone is somehow connected with each other but yet conflict and the objectives must be kept in mind while taking a ride on the world’s fastest train. Just when you think that the end of the line is coming close, you find out that it is just the beginning. You will be taken through an experience of once in a lifetime in this non-stop thrill ride through modern-day Japan. Will Ladybug finally succeed this time and get the briefcase that can save him from yet another failure? Or will fate once again get the better of him? You will need to watch the film when it releases to know the answer to every question. We cannot wait to watch it when it releases and will recommend you to watch it as well.

Getting To Know Bullet Train

Due to the outstanding efforts of famous director David Leitch, who directed the movie, Bullet Train became a reality. With the aid of Zak Olkewicz, who authored the film’s screenplay, he utilized every aspect of his skill and infused it with his vision. It is without dispute that the whole cast and crew gave this movie their undivided attention. The film is an adaptation of a Japanese novel called Maria Beetle. The novel was written by the author Kōtarō Isaka and was also published in English by the name Bullet Train.  With so much hype behind it, you expect the film to do good at the Box Office when it releases in the United States on August 5, 2022. Without a doubt, Bullet Train is going to be an all-time classic as soon as it hits the cinemas and we cannot wait for what it has in store for us.

Our Bullet Train Outfits Collection 

Bullet Train Lemon Denim Navy Blue Jacket frotn

The trailers of Bullet Train included some incredible clothing, aside from its plot or production side of things. We were able to view a few of the pictures in advance and get a glimpse at Bullet Train Movie Cast Outfits. We were inspired by the extensive selection of Bullet Train Movie Costumes. We are here to debut a line of the outfits of Bullet Train Movie Characters to provide them to you in advance before the film comes out. From what we saw, you can wear Bullet Train Movie Dress and Bullet Train Movie Jackets for your informal trips. You can steal the spotlight at formal gatherings by donning Bullet Train Movie Blazers and Bullet Train Movie Peacoats. You will stay warm wearing Bullet Train Movie Coats this winter. The Bullet Train outfits that we are showcasing are made from premium materials. They are expertly stitched to display your fandom.

Brad Pitt as Ladybug 

Ladybug, who is played by Brad Pitt, is a seasoned American assassin that has not had any luck with his missions lately. Despite being a trained killer, Ladybug has often come short during his missions. His shortcomings made him on the verge of taking his own life as a way of quitting everything. However, he gets one last shot at life when he is assigned to take a briefcase on a moving Bullet train that can possibly save his career as an assassin and his life as well. Despite all of that, Ladybug is the main protagonist of the film and he wore stylish outfits throughout the film that made his character shine the brightest. Ladybug wore this Yellow Jacket that looked stunning on him. This jacket that Ladybug wore is made from the best cotton fabric and is stylishly designed using features like a shirt-style collar. 

Joey King as The Prince

The character of the Prince is played by Joey King and she is a highly skilled British assassin that is posing as a school girl. She is among the five assassins that have got on board a bullet train. As the name suggests, the prince wore amazing outfits in the film that made her look dangerous yet very stylish. The prince wore this Pink Coat that became an instant favorite among female fans. This coat of Prince is made from the best wool fabrics and is insulated with an inner viscose lining. It is designed with some stylish features like a shirt-style collar and a buttoned closure on the front. As appealing as this coat might look, it also has some very useful features that will come in handy. It has long sleeves with open hem cuffs that protect our arms along with two chest pockets that store your belongings. 

Andrew Koji as Yuichi Kimura 

Yuichi Kimura, who is played by Andrew Koji, is a very skilled Japanese assassin that has got on board a bullet train. He wore good-looking outfits throughout the film that made his character appear one of the best dressed. Yuichi Kimura was seen wearing this Brown Jacket that enhanced his menacing and dangerous vibes. This jacket of Yuichi Kimura is made from the best cotton fabrics. It has a shirt-style collar as well as a button on the front for closure that gives you two ways to hang it. You can wear this coat of Yuichi Kimura without any hesitation to look smart. It can be worn like him or you can style it your way. This cotton coat will store all your small belongings as it has two inner pockets, two outer pockets, and two chest pockets.