Research Say Motorcycle Riding Reduces Stress

Research Say Motorcycle Riding Reduces Stress

Nowadays, motorcycle riding is so popular; some ride it for a regular commute, and some ride it as a hobby. Men love their bikes as true friends, And motorcycle riding reduces stress; the Motorcycle accompanies its rider. Riders carry their bike as long as they can and wear all sorts of safety gear, including helmets, gloves, pads, and leather jackets.

The research study indicates that riding a motorcycle helps reduce stress levels. Seem weird? Don’t worry. We discuss everything to let you know the complete detail of this research so you can enjoy your ride and have mental comfort.

The group of scientists belongs to the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour, which examined 50 safe motorcycle riders before and after the 22-mile ride while riding cars and the rest condition. The two teams assessed their brain activity by the ECG mobile app and hormone levels to detect the shift in human body behavior.

Research about Study Motorbike Riding

They have published a report after the thorough research which describes:

Riding a motorcycle for up to 20 minutes lowers the stress level by almost 28 percent and heart rate by 11 percent, almost equal to any lightweight workout. They found while riding that the attention and warning level of the rider is more than that of the car drivers. Adrenaline is the hormone that increases when riding, the purpose of which is to calm the body by supplying the cells with extra oxygen, increasing the arousal level and pupil enlargement. On the other hand, while riding, Cortisol which causes stress and anxiety, will reduce.

This concludes that riding a bike will make you happy and relax, which is extremely important for your well-being. Other than that, it would help if you also kept out the ride clean. Read the tips to make things more effective.

Important Tips for Riders:

As we described, riding relieves up to 28 percent of the stress level. But it has also been observed that the proper kit also plays an important role. Here are some top tips for planning for a motorcycle rally.

Leather Jacket

A leather Jacket protects you from road abrasion, prevents wind, and gives a stylish look. You will get compliments from people you meet, which eventually motivate and reduces stress. A leather jacket is a must-have apparel for long-distance road riding. A motorcycle leather jacket is perfect for riders.

Motorcycle Riding Reduces Stress
Motorcycle Riders Leather Jacket


A helmet is a necessary tool to protect your head from wind debris that could damage your eyes and even go through your mouth or nose inside, and it also protects you from head injuries in road accidents.


Gloves increase the grip, which gives you maximum support during your ride, especially in winter; they protect your hands from chilly winds.


It saves the body joints while falling from the bike.

Important instructions:

  • Do not use a smartphone while riding otherwise;, fatal accidents can occur.
  • Ride your bike at a slow speed to avoid accidents.
  • In winter, don’t forget to wear a leather hat.
  • For those who are facing stress and anxiety, this clinical study is essential. Get ready by wearing suitable gloves, and go on a long ride to ease the stress level.