PU vs Real Leather Jacket – Know The Difference


The main objective of donning a leather jacket is to look classy, and if a jacket is made of high-quality leather, it keeps you warm in cold weather. When people search for a top-notch quality jacket, generally, they face a difficult situation as they feel puzzled between opting for PU leather or real leather. People face this situation as not everybody has enough knowledge to identify the difference. Sometimes people who don’t have enough knowledge end up getting PU leather instead of real leather. If you purchase a PU leather jacket, you need to remember the difference between PU leather and genuine leather. PU leather jackets are usually have cheaper than real leather jackets because real leather is costly and more durable.

Let’s look into this article; we will cover all the essential information you need to consider before getting a leather jacket. After reading this article, you will ultimately know the pros and cons of faux leather vs real leather jackets.

PU Leather Jacket

PU (Polyurethane leather) is also known as faux leather. This material is originated from plastic, and it is low cost as compared to genuine leather. However, the PU leather jacket looks similar to real leather, and it’s challenging to identify the difference. When you wear the faux leather jacket, you will notice the difference after some time. You need to know the difference between PU leather vs faux leather for a better winter shopping experience.

Is PU Leather Jacket Long-lasting? 

PU leather is a lower-cost alternative to real leather. However, its resistance power is low, and sometimes body sweat effect it. Whereas the top-notch quality real leather jackets can last four times longer than other materials, and if you take proper care, it stays with you for four to 5 years or decades – only if you wear it with care. That’s the main difference between PU leather vs real leather.

Pros of PU Leather Jacket:

  • Look like genuine leather by style and appearance
  • It has a glossy look
  • Cheaper as compared to real leather jacket
  • You can easily clean it
  • It is Lightweight
  • It is suitable for mild weather areas

Cons of PU Leather Jacket:

  • Some PU leather jackets have thicker material than real leather jackets
  • Not all but some PU leather jackets have a bulky look
  • PU leather jackets smell like chemical
  • Chances of getting damaged by oil and sweat
  • It cannot resist heat
  • Usually, in less than a year or two years, it begins to crack or peel

These are some of the critical information that you need to consider before buying a leather jacket. However, if you buy a PU leather jacket from LJB, we have a wide range of PU leather jackets, and quality varies depending on the material and cost of the jackets.

What’s the difference between Genuine Leather and Real Leather?

Here, some people might think that genuine leather and real leather are the same material. If you check the meaning in the dictionary, the definition of genuine and real is the same. However, when we talk about leather materials, there is a difference between them. Don’t worry, we will explain you in detail.

Some brands label real as genuine, but it doesn’t have to be made of the same material. For example, a jacket brand sells two jackets at different costs. One is available at $ 299 whereas the other jacket’s price is 399$, but both are labeled “Genuine leather.”

Here the customer who doesn’t have adequate knowledge might be confused. We want to tell you that there is a difference in both jackets’ quality because the low price might be fabricated with the leftovers of real leather known as bonded leather. So, if you think that all genuine leather is real, you might be wrong. It is better to analyze the material when purchasing the jacket.

How are Real Leathers Manufactured?

Real leather jackets are fabricated with animal hides of horses, sheep, and lambs. Generally, people prefer to wear a lambskin jacket because it has good quality. It is soft and keeps you warm and comfortable in the winter season.

Is Real Leather is durable?

Undoubtedly, real leather jackets are long-lasting and sturdy, but they are expensive compared to PU leather. Although the price is high, the look and feel of real leather are worth investing in, and you can wear it in different environments like in heat, rain, and snow falling.

Pros of Real Leather Jackets:

  • The real leather jacket gives its wearer a classy appearance
  • Real Leather Jackets are long-lasting and stay with you for many seasons. It has a longer life than PU
  • It improves more over time
  • Protects you from chilly winds and cold in winter
  • It dries easily if it gets wet from rainfall

Cons of Real Leather Jackets:

When we talk about quality, there are no cons that you will find in it.

  • They are expensive as compared to other materials.
  • You need to take proper care as nobody wants to damage their expensive outerwear.
  • Real leather jackets are more absorbent.

How to identify PU leather and real leather?

Winter is incomplete without a stylish leather jacket, and you need to understand the difference when opting for a leather jacket. Now, this can be not easy if you don’t have enough knowledge about leather quality. Don’t worry; after reading this article, you will identify whether the leather is PU or real. Another crucial difference is that it gets wrinkled when you press real leather too hard, whereas PU stays in its original condition.

PU leather is cheaper than real leather because it is easier to fabricate. PU leather has a chemical or plastic-like smell, but real leather doesn’t have a smell. Water test helps identify its real or PU leather, but obviously, you cannot perform it before purchasing the jacket.

Polyurethane (PU) leather is an artificial material, and it gives you the look and feel of real leather. It comes with various textures, and it is water-resistant; moreover, you can clean and maintain it easily. It is budget-friendly, and if you are searching for a low-price leather jacket, you can opt for PU leather. Hgh-quality PU is very soft and looks like genuine leather. Here’s a guide to Identifying a Genuine Leather Jacket.


Is PU leather as good as real leather?

When it comes to the quality of leather, nothing can compete with real leather. Although the faux and real leather looks similar, PU and real leather have different textures and prices. PU leather is manufactured in a way that is inflexible than real leather. This is a significant difference, and it is not as durable as real leather.

Does PU leather peel easily?

Undoubtedly, it peels off easily, and the main reason is that it is not like genuine leather in terms of quality. PU leather is also widely known as faux leather or PVC, and it is the budget-friendly alternative to real leather.

Is PU leather durable?

Polyurethane PU is also used for a special coating to ensure the quality as it is long-lasting. If you take proper care of your PU leather jacket, it does not crack, and you can wear it for years. The durability of PU leather is pretty good as compared to other faux leather substitutes.

How can I maintain PU leather?

Undoubtedly, PU leather is sensitive, and it can easily crack if not cared for properly. It is suggested it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure its durability. It is preferred to apply a lint-free dry or uses a damp cloth to clean the dust from the jacket. It would be best to use PU Protector with a soft cloth gently every 3 to 6 months. PU protectors are easily available in the market.

Why does PU leather crack?

PU leather cracks because of UVB rays to PU leather’s molecular structure, making it weak and crack easily. Another reason is if the quality of faux leather is low, it will crack after some time.

Is PU leather durable than real leather?

Unquestionably the real leather is durable than PU leather. Real leather has a better look, and it is also more long-lasting. Whereas PU leather is not as long-lasting as real leather, and it peels over the period.

Can I clean PU leather?

Yes, you can clean your PU leather jacket with a soft cloth, lightly apply coconut oil or baby oil to shine on its dried surface. However, keep in mind that don’t use excessive oil as faux is made of non-porous material and does not infuse the oil. After following this procedure, your jacket will shine.

Does real leather peel?

Real leather is originated from animal hide, and so it is essential to maintain and moisturize it. If it begins drying, it can result in peel and cracking. However, bonded leather is considered a low-price alternative to real leather, and it’s a little costly but worthy investment for a winter wardrobe. A real leather jacket is one of the widely worn outfits in cold weather.