Make a Style Statement with these Cardigan Sweater Jackets


Cardigan sweater jackets are not quite the sweater and not quite the vest. A cardigan is a knitted sweater with an open front and can come with both buttons or without buttons style. Cardigans are a versatile and classy wardrobe, offering an outer layer you can stylishly put on in the fall and winter. They are always comfy, cozy, and statement-making attire. You can wear them with any dress according to the weather and occasion. 

There are thick oversized cardigans available in dark colors such as orange and red that are great to complement your everyday wardrobe for the winter season. You can have them in knitted versions, wool and merino wool. For the warmer season, spring or summer, there are cool sleeveless, light, and oversized cardigans – find them in a cotton material which will be great at keeping you in style but not at all hot.

There are different varieties of cardigans available for both genders. i.e. Cardigan Sweater Jacket, cardigan jacket, 50s cardigan jacket, men’s cardigan jacket, women’s cardigan jacket, Knit Cardigan Sweaters, Pullover Sweaters and short-sleeve cardigans.

In this blog, first, we will discuss Men’s cardigan style. 

Men’s Cardigan Outfits

Let’s first have a look at the Casual Cardigan Outfits.

Casual Cardigan Outfits

The cardigan is a stylish attire to wear with a pair of jeans and a tee as a casual outfit, giving you a relaxed yet chic feel. To create the perfect look, you can combine a crew neck, stylish jeans, and sneakers with a mens cardigan jacket for a look you can wear on a casual lunch date. For a cool urban look, You can wear a long cardigan with skin-fitted jeans and fashionable footwear.

You can layer a scoop neck shirt and leather footwear for a cool metropolitan approach or a henley shirt with trainers for that casual vibe. On a chilly winter day, throw on an infinity scarf to match the draped-on look of the longline.

For more polished weekend attire, wear a skin-fitted cardigan with grey chinos and a crew neck t-shirt. You can wear the cardigan open with sneakers. For a smart-casual style, fasten the middle buttons, leaving the bottom and top ones unbuttoned, and wear dress shoes with no-show socks. 

Business Casual Cardigan Outfits

A cardigan can be the perfect wear for your business casual outfit, offering a versatile wardrobe attire you can wear for a relaxed, elegant look. The men’s cardigan jacket can easily replace your blazer when layered with a button-up shirt and dark denim jeans or dressy pants. If you’re meeting colleagues, wear a suit jacket to get a perfect professional style for a simple cardigan.

Guys wearing a nice collar like an Oxford or a button-down shirt can even remove their tie. Complete your style with horse-bit loafers for a dapper touch, or have traditional Derby shoes if you prefer a sharper finish.

Style a shawl collar cardigan with a spread collar shirt, tailored subtly-patterned tweed trousers, and brown leather sneakers for a modern trendy outfit. Attractive and cool, featuring cardigans in your casual business attire is about maintaining the right balance. 

Teenage Bounty Hunters Sterling Wesley Pink Knit Cardigan side
Teenage Bounty Hunters Sterling Wesley Pink Knit Cardigan

Cardigan With Shirt

A cardigan with a tee or Oxford shirt is the most popular combination. While this cardigan was traditionally styled with a formal dress shirt, modern gentlemen have found that it works well with a range of shirt styles. 

You can’t go wrong styling a fitted t-shirt with a slim cardigan for a sleek look as long as they are equally fitted; this wardrobe with any type of pants, including jeans and chino. Cool long cardigans will create a good combination when wearing a neck shirt, making it a great outfit for a brunch or day at the park. 50s cardigan jacket is also one of the best style cardigans which go well along with Shirt. 

Cardigan With Jeans

When choosing to wear pair of jeans, you’ll need your cardigan jacket to complement the right style for your desired look. You can wear your cardigan and jeans with a button-down shirt, tie and sneakers or keep it simple with blue denim and a t-shirt. Guys should have slim fit, skinny or classic jeans to complement your cardigan. But avoid baggy or oversized styles.

Now, we will discuss Women’s cardigan style. 

Women’s Cardigan Style

Whenever you style an outfit with a cardigan, it brings out the reflection of your personality. It is available in many colors, so choose something that can be paired with the different styles of outfits that you already have. Layer a 50s cardigan jacket over a snug-fitting blouse or knit top and pair it with a skirt or capri pants for a classic 1950s fashion look. Modern rockabilly girls often wear a vintage crop cardigan sweater with a peek-a-boo bustline for a unique look.

The currently trending colors for women in cardigans are red, white, blue, pink, yellow, purple, and grey. Let’s discuss how some of these colors can help you create stylish looks. 

General Hospital Laura Wright White Wrap Cardigan
General Hospital Laura Wright White Wrap Cardigan

White Cardigan Outfit

A white womens cardigan jacket gives the true winter feel and can be paired with almost anything. It is recommended to wear an embroidered white cardigan with a white casual shirt and blue jeggings. This casual look can be ideal for a weekend outing or while traveling. 

You can also wear a plain white cable knit cardigan to layer a black blouse and white jeans. Wear your stylish white sneakers with both looks for a perfect combination.

Grey Cardigan Outfit

Add chic vibes to a simple white dress by wearing a lightweight grey cardigan shrug. Whether your dress is a long maxi dress or a short flared mini dress, the grey cardigan will make it more attractive.

Green Cardigan Outfit

Ladies who love green can nail it in style by putting on a green belted cardigan over straight-leg jeans. Also, opt for brown slip-on flats and hooped earrings for an elegant look that will impress everyone.

Yellow Cardigan

Wear a knitted cardigan in a light yellow shade to layer your outfits during fall and winter. A sleeveless dress can instantly look attractive and cozy when paired with a yellow cardigan.

Black Cardigan Outfit

You can create an appealing look elegant black cardigan. If it is a fitted cardigan, use it to snug up a printed midi dress. Wear an oversized black cardigan and tuck it in a leopard print pencil skirt if you want an exciting look. Have strapped heels, and ear studs, along with a messy bun hairstyle. Grab a matching clutch, and you are perfect.

Wrap Cardigan Sweater

Get comfortable and snug in a wrap Knit Cardigan Sweaters when it gets chilly. This is an ideal outfit perfect for dancers, This will keep them warm but will give space to move also. You can choose from long-line knitwear or a cropped sweater.

Short-Sleeve Cardigan Sweater

Who says cardigans are exclusive wear for the colder months? Show off your arms with a short sleeve cardigans, and you will have admirer of your looks everywhere. Buttoned up the center and finishing the look off with nice jeans. Keep it flirty by wearing A-line skirt with the cardigan, and you’ll be set for a picnic or a date at the movies. 

Emily In Paris Emily Cooper Blue Cropped Cardigan
Emily In Paris Emily Cooper Blue Cropped Cardigan

Cropped Cardigan Sweater

Spice the looks by buttoning up a cropped Knit Cardigan Sweaters and completing the outfit with a pair of jeans and sneakers. As an alternative, a skirt or high-waisted palazzo pants with a tucked-in button-down jumper is an effortless way to look chic without wearing too much. This is an excellent option for those going from work to a party. 


Ideal casual wear is no better than a pair of jeans and a cute top. Add a womens cardigan jacket that hits your hips or sits just below to tie the look together. This will keep the look exciting and adds an extra layer to the overall attire. Opt for a monochrome color theme, or stand out from the rest in a chunky knit in a bold color. An easy way to make it look glamorous is by rocking one shoulder bare or wearing a crop top underneath.

Business Casual

You are going to a coffee shop from the office. Keep it simple with black pair of trousers and a cool shirt. Change the work pants with jeans, and you can have an ideal outfit for the bar. Instead of the traditional work bottoms, why not try a long pleated skirt, and tie up your waist with a thin belt? You can have so many variations in the work looks. You can wear a different outfit every day with the same knitwear and look like you’re ready for a promotion.


Whether you’re going in a wedding or going to the opera, a women’s cardigan jacket is an easy way to hold an outfit together. This outerwear is ideal for keeping warm during the winter. Add a chic feel with a monochrome color, or go wild with oversized sleeves. This is also a classy way to turn semi-formal attire into something fit for a fancy event.


Cardigans are no doubt the coziest of all attires. They can be front-opened makes them very convenient to wear. The Knit Cardigan Sweaters can be worn in multiple variations, so you can upgrade your cardigan collection to look stunningly stylish in the winter season, day or night.