Layer Your Outfit with this Akira Kaneda Red Jacket


Katsuhiro Otomo is the writer-director of the Japanese cyberpunk comic. After that, Marvel comics had translated into English, and this had the first Japanese series translated into English for viewers. This Akira series will give you manga vibes while watching the show. This season has been beyond everybody’s expectations. Fans were waiting for the season, and it has come up with the best story; once you watch it, you will desire to watch it again. Undoubtedly, the series has gained a vast fan following, and if you are also a fan, you should check out the Akira Kaneda red jacket. This jacket is the perfect outerwear for adding to your winter wardrobe, and it keeps you warm and comfy in cold weather. So, grab this jacket from a leather jacket black and be the center of attraction in gatherings.

Let’s look into this article for some of the best ideas to wear the Akira anime Kaneda red jacket.


The idea of this animated series is based on the future apocalyptic situation in which an explosive blast destroyed Tokyo city. After the explosion, it took around two decades to rebuild the city again. The leading character Shotaro Kaneda finds out that Akira was responsible for the devastating blast in Tokyo. He is a chief of a military gang, and he tries to stop Akira. The series is a beautiful blend of corruption, misuse of power, and political issues of the country.

Red Akira Kaneda Capsule Jacket

About Shotaro Kaneda Character

Sotaro Kaneda has spotted wearing this Shotaro Kaneda motorcycle jacket in the series and looked stunning. Shotaro Kaneda spent his childhood in an orphanage, where he met Tetsuo Shima, who was his best friend. These two guys were so close, and they decided to establish a biker club called The Capsules. Tetsuo has injured in a severe accident by bike, and it changed his personality. Kaneda decides to chase Tetsuo and stop him from creating trouble.

The situation gets worst when Tetsuo gets supernatural powers after his accident, and now he has become a severe threat. Kaneda has an outer shell that protects him in difficult situations but is also brave and kind to others. You can see his emotional side in the show when he loses one of his members, and he is shocked. In the show, Kaneda tries his best to protect his companions without thinking about its consequences.

Shotaro Kaneda Motorcycle Jacket Style

Bikers love to wear this as cosplay; the capsules biker gang’s leader has worn this in the series. If you are a fan, you will indeed like this motorcycle gear. So, if you are planning to buy a costume, the Shotaro Kaneda motorcycle jacket is ideal for adding to your wardrobe as it has a unique all-red look and style. It would be best to wear a Shotaro Kaneda motorcycle jacket with gloves and pants, giving you a classy style.

For a complete biker style, you need to wear a motorcycle helmet, boots, and goggles. Kaneda always rides with his biker gang to ride along with. So, start your riding journey with your friends to dress up as Yamagata, Kei, Kaori, Tetsuo Shima, or other characters from the Akira anime and manga series. So, order your favorite jacket now from a leather jacket black and impress others while riding on your bike.

Akira as the Character of Manga Series

Akira is one of the central characters of the series. He was spotted wearing some stunning anime jackets in the show and looked fabulous. Akira is a small child, and by his appearance, he looks like an average child, but he has supernatural powers. He is behind Tokyo’s destruction and the escalation of World War Two. When the war ended, he was positioned in cryogenics which is also the site of the Neo-Tokyo Olympic Games.

He destroyed Neo-Tokyo when he was in a clash between Colonel’s forces and Kaneda. Later as the story unfolds, he managed to get the position of Emperor of the Great Tokyo Empire. Akira was kept frozen for decades. Akira’s powers have changed and damaged his personality, and he rarely reacts or speaks, and it seems that he forgets how to express feelings. Later, Ryu shot him, which was when he came together with his friends and recovered his powers.

Picking an Outfit from the Akira Manga series

The main reason every fan desires to wear the stunning outfits from the Manga series is the exciting Akira’s character. He wore some elegant outfits, including this Akira motorcycle jacket in the show, and looked classy. You might be searching for, Akira pill jacket; this jacket carries the vibrant appeal that will uplift your personality. Akira’s wardrobe is trending in fashion as the designers have beautifully designed the jackets with the red color theme. You can style this jacket over a white tee, blue jeans and wrap up your looks with white low-top sneakers for a classy appearance. This Akira jacket is perfect for adding to our winter wardrobe. Moreover, its red color will give you a chic style, and everyone will be impressed with your style. In addition, this Akira Kaneda jacket keeps you comfortable all day.

Akira Leather Jacket for Fashion Enthusiasts

If you want to look gorgeous and are a fan of Akira, you surely need to grab this Akira leather jacket. This jacket has fabricated with real leather that ensures its durability and warmth. It is a worthy investment in your wardrobe as it is long-lasting and stays with you for years. You will be amazed when you wear this jacket everyone will give you good compliments due to its attractive appeal. Getting a genuine leather jacket was never that much easy as it is now. You can order any of your favorite outfits from Leather Jacket black at amazingly discounted prices with doorstep delivery. Furthermore, you can also get this jacket as a gift purpose for your loved ones. You can give it to someone who is a fan of Akira.