How to Dress Like Celebrities from The Equalizer TV Series?

How to Dress Like Celebrities from The Equalizer TV Series

The Equalizer is a top-rated drama series. IN COLLABORATION, Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller created the show. It is the prequel to the franchise and was released by a renowned television broadcasting company. Thecast includes many big names like Chris North, Lorraine Toussaint, Liza Lapira, Tory Kittles, and others. The storyline revolves around Robyn McCall, who acted as the Equalizer. She got divorced and lived with a teenage daughter as a single parent. The Equalizer received positive reviews from critics and tremendous admiration for the fascinating storyline. Apart from the story, the show gained huge fame because of The Equalizer Outfits actors have worn during the show,

Let’s look into this blog; we will share the best ways to dress up like the cast of The Equalizer.

The Equalizer William Bishop Blue Coat

The Equalizer Dresses have taken the fans into their fever. The good-looking Chris Noth portrayed the role of William Bishop; he was a former CIA director in the show. He managed his security company and became a famous character due to his attitude and super dressing sense. His staple, The Equalizer William Bishop Blue Coat looks stunning with any attire. You can pair this blue coat with a green turtle-neck tee and black jeans. Wear black leather shoes to add a modern touch to your style. This blue coat is the right fit for casual streetwear and formal fashion. Our artisans have crafted this coat with top-notch cotton fabric, ensuring added comfort and edgy style.

The Equalizer Robyn McCall Black Leather Coat

Queen Latifah brilliantly acted as Robyn McCall in the movie. She represents a strong, independent woman capable of defeating the worst that the world is full of. Her dress is a reflection of her personality. In the series, she wears a practical yet attractive leather coat that will instill confidence in you. Its lapel collars and button front fastening add to its fashionable appeal. This black coat is crafted with genuine leather and will be a great layering piece for any outfit. Undoubtedly, The Equalizer Coats have become a top fashion trend these days. You can style this coat with a brown buttoned shirt and a pair of black pants.

Robyn McCall The Equalizer 2021 Leather Biker Jacket

Queen Latifah rides a motorcycle, and she participates in other tough girl activities in the series. She has a biker leather jacket in her closet. Even if you don’t ride a bike, you may add this stylish jacket to your wardrobe. It’ll look great at any event and give you a striking, classy look. It is made with real leather, and the softest viscose lining is attached inside. The addition of a stand-up collar adds a touch of street style. Long sleeves with zippered buttoned cuffs look lovely and keep your arms warm in the cold. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, the jacket has pockets. You can layer this biker jacket with a white round-neck tee and a pair of black trousers. Fans are crazy for The Equalizer Jackets because they have stunning designs.

The Equalizer Queen Latifah Tail Jacket

Queen Latifah TV Series The Equalizer Tail Jacket

Robyn McCall has a sensitive and feminine side, despite having a powerful and aggressive attitude most of the time. It is what appeals to the viewers’ admiration for her persona. With a longer back, the Tail Jacket is beautifully designed. The jacket is stitched with fleece/cotton with a viscose inside and comes in attractive pastel grey and pink shades. Its front zipper closure provides you with warmth and protection from cold weather.

On the other hand, the stand-up collar is both stylish and functional. You can pair this jacket with a pink shirt and blue jeans. Grab this Queen Latifah TV Series The Equalizer Tail Jacket, now!

The Equalizer Adam Goldberg Viscose Lining Blue Denim Jacket

Adam Goldberg plays a brilliant hacker in The Equalizer who collaborates with Robyn McCall. Because of his charismatic demeanor, he is another character popular and favorite among the cast. This jacket wonderfully reflects his strong, casual style. It’s made of denim and has a shirt-style collar, so it’ll go over any plain shirt. The style is so beautiful that it may transform even the most basic ensembles. Style this denim jacket with a white round-neck tee and black jeans. 

The Equalizer 2021 Queen Latifah Woolen Fabric Coat

One of the famous ensembles from the series is Queen Latifah’s checked long coat. She was spotted wearing this coat and exuded elegance. It’s a worthy addition to your closet due to the high quality of the woolen fabric and the attractive pattern. It’s the ideal length for wearing with either a dress or slacks. The front buttoned fastening and lapel-style collar provide the perfect look. You can layer this coat with a maroon dress and wear knee-high boots for a chic style.

The Equalizer Queen Latifah Long Grey Wool Coat

Wool coats are the essence of grace and elegance and are one of the season’s most popular fashion trends. Robyn played Queen Latifah, and she has a versatile wardrobe that inspires the fans. This grey wool coat will be suitable for any occasion. It is fabricated with wool-blend material, and it has an inner viscose lining. The open hem cuffs add a modern touch to the coat’s style, enhancing it more. You can pair this wool coat with a black buttoned shirt and a pair of black pants. Wear below ankle boots to complete your style.

The Equalizer Robyn McCall Green and White Shearling Coat

We have introduced The Equalizer Robyn McCall Green and White Shearling Coat. Because of the shearling fabric, the texture is incredibly distinct and attractive. It’s unique and pleasant to wear because of its beautiful texture. The coat has a front zipper closure and a stand-up collar. Robyn is spotted on the streets in this elegant coat, which is comfortable and snug.

All of the actors in The Equalizer wore gorgeous attires. When it comes to outerwear, this list will undoubtedly assist you in making some excellent decisions. We have introduced The Equalizer Blazers into our latest collection.