News and Updates Related To Yellowstone Season 5


The legendary series Yellowstone is about, to begin with, another exciting Season. It will be officially Season 5 of the series. Since Season 04 ended, people have been curious about Yellowstone Season 5. There were lots of questions in the mind of die-hard Yellowstone fans. When will it begin? Will there be any change in the cast? How many episodes will be there? Will Yellowstone have a Season 5, is Yellowstone Season 5 canceled? In this blog, we answer all the fans’ queries and give the latest updates and news regarding Yellowstone Season 5.

People are in love with John Linson and Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone. The fans have high expectations from Season 5 and eagerly anticipate the series to begin. 

Will there be Season 5 of Yellowstone?

Yes, it is on the cards. No need to worry about it. The rumor that Season 5 is canceled is gone in the dust. TV series Yellowstone Season 5 will hit your screens in November 2022 with great thrill, drama, and action. You don’t want to miss this Season. It will be the most extended Season with 14 exciting episodes. The Ben Dutton saga will be at its peak for the fans. About 15 million watched the streaming of Season 4. We are sure that viewers will break this streaming record in no time.  

When does Season 5 of Yellowstone start? 

The wait is getting over. Short time is left to unfold the high voltage drama. Paramount Network has planned to premiere Yellowstone Season 5 on November 13, 2022. It will be a special 2-hour event that will mark the beginning of the blockbuster series Season 5.  

Cancel your entire meet-ups and appointments for November 13, 2022, and don’t miss the high drama premiere event. Otherwise, we are afraid you will lose something exceptional. So, mark your calendar, set up your task alarms, and be prepared for the event. Something big is coming up. It will be revealed to the audience in the much-anticipated premiere event. 

Season 5 Suspense and Drama on the Rise

Ever since the Yellowstone Season 04 ended, Fans have been curious about the development of Season 5. The first teaser of Season 5 was released at the MTV Video Music awards. The teaser showed Dutton Family in the 15-second clip. It is evident from the teaser that something huge is coming up for Season 5. It will be a blockbuster and more massive than the previous four Seasons. Snapshots of Beth, Jamie, Kayce, and Rip (Cole Hauser) in the 15-second teaser trailer set up the stunning reveal of John. He moves determinedly down a hallway with his daughter and Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz) by his side while donning a black suit and a matching cowboy hat. 

The show will follow John, Beth, Rip, Jamie, and Kayce as they deal with a controversial gubernatorial election, a growing threat from outsiders, and one intense blackmail issue involving the two Dutton brothers. The show’s most recent conclusion of Season 04 attracted an astounding 15 million viewers. That is some hell of a viewership. Season 5 will break all these previous records in no time. 

What will be the cast of Yellowstone Season 5?

Fans are inquiring everywhere about the star-studded cast of Yellowstone’s upcoming Season. Fans don’t need to worry about the cast. With the events that led to the end of Season 04, we are pretty sure that all the major cast of Yellowstone will return. The Yellowstone Season 5 Cast will include:          

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast
  • Kevin Costner as John Dutton
  • Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton
  • Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton
  • Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton
  • Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler
  • Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long Dutton
  • Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton
  • Finn Little as Carter
  • Gil Birmingham as Chief Thomas Rainwater
  • Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd Pierce
  • Denim Richards as Colby Mayfield
  • Ian Bohen as Ryan
  • Ryan Bingham as Walker
  • Jen Landon as Teeter
  • Hassie Harrison as Laramie
  • Eden Brolin as Mia
  • Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins
  • Tanya Beatty as Avery

Fans will also recognize Jacki Weaver, Kyle Red Silverstein, and Kylie Rogers as the young Beth Dutton. 

As the show’s young John Dutton, Kyle Lucan will also make a comeback

In addition, Season 5 will feature a large number of fresh faces. Lainey Wilson, Dawn Olivieri, Kai Caster, and Lilli Kay will be there.

Additionally, Kathryn Kelly and Jen Landon, who play Emily and Teeter, have been elevated to series regulars so that we might learn more about their tale in the forthcoming Season.

Both Sheridan and Linson will serve as executive producers in addition to co-stars in the upcoming Season.

Costner, Stephen Kay, David C. Glasser, Bob Yari, and Art Linson are further noteworthy Executive Producers on Yellowstone.

In particular, actor Jefferson White will reprise his role as Jimmy Hurdstrom, and actress Kathryn Kelly will play Emily, the head veterinary technician, in the main cast. Viewers of Yellowstone will recall Jimmy’s tearful farewell before returning to the 6666 ranch with his fiance. Jefferson seems to be sticking around for a while, contrary to rumors that he would no longer appear in the series because he would be the main character of the spinoff 6666.

Where to watch Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone doesn’t appear on Paramount+ even though episodes of the show are broadcast on the Paramount Network TV channel. Also, Yellowstone is not accessible on Hulu or Netflix. Fortunately, Yellowstone marathons are constantly on the Paramount Network channel, so you can watch one live or record one on your DVR. 

How many episodes will there be in Yellowstone Season 5? 

Paramount network officially revealed that the production of the Yellowstone was done in Montana. Season 5 will consist of whopping 14 episodes. This is the number of episodes, more than any previous Yellowstone Season. It is to be noticed that the episodes will break into two clumps of seven episodes each.