Get a Bold Look with these Virgin River Celebrity Dresses

Get a Bold Look with these Virgin River Celebrity Dresses

These days after the boom in online streaming apps/websites, there are lots of different series coming up with other genres. From action to romance, thriller to paranormal, there are series from diversified genres. Still, the classic drama/series lover is fascinated with romantic series. There is the drama Virgin River for the fans of romantic drama series. It is a beautiful drama with a great storyline and acting performances.

Reel Management produces Virgin River, based on Robyn Carr’s novel with the same name Virgin River. Its first season aired in 2019. So far, its three seasons have been completed. The fourth season will be released in July 2022. Fans have already started the countdown for this fantastic drama series. Virgin River’s remarkable cast includes Alexandra Breckenridge, Colin Lawrence, Martin Henderson, Lauren Hammersley, Jenny Cooper, Benjamin Hollingsworth, Annette O’Toole, Grayson Gurnsey, Sarah Dugdale, and Tim Matheson.

Virgin River Story Plot

Melinda Monroe plays the lead role in Virgin River. She had a troubled married life and was unable to conceive. When she was expecting, She got a miscarriage and went into depression. Melinda insisted on going for IVF, whereas Mark, her husband, was against it. While driving, they got into a severe car accident during an argument. As a result, Mark died. Melinda blames herself for the loss of her loving husband’s life. 

Melinda was an experienced nurse but couldn’t pursue it as her career. She was going through the newspaper she suddenly saw a job ad for the post of a nurse in a small town, Virgin River. She thought it would be an ideal opportunity for her to move on after her husband’s death and migrate to this small town. Virgin River is a remote town with a population of just six hundred with lots of natural scenery in mountains and crystal clear rivers.

As soon as she reached it, her high hopes vanished very quickly. She finds problems at every step. Being a resident in a small town, there were lots of issues. Her sitting at the hospital was entirely dumped, and the doctor was not cooperative. She gets demotivated, her confidence gets low, and she starts cursing her decision to apply here. 

But this is where the drama begins, and it comes up with lots of twists and turns to keep the audience glued to this beautiful drama series. We are not going to reveal the story and spoil it for you. You must watch all three seasons to enjoy this outstanding Romantic Drama Series.

Virgin River Outfits

Martin Henderson Designer Jacket

Virgin River’s all three seasons became hits because of great story & screenplay, remarkable acting, superb scenery, and some fantastic Virgin River Outfits. The Head Costume Designer, Candace Cruikshank, has done an amazing job with all the cast. All costumes are beautifully and aesthetically designed. She has kept in her mind the requirement for every character. Each character’s dress is designed to complement the character and create a separate identity for each character. 

LJB has come up with the latest and up-to-date Virgin River TV Show Dresses collection. This collection includes a variety of Virgin River Jackets, Virgin River Coats, Virgin River Blazers, and Virgin River Vests. We have covered the complete range of Virgin River costumes for our customer’s convenience. 

In this article, we will briefly discuss some of these stylish outfits from Virgin River.

Melinda Monroe Virgin River Shearling Collar Jacket

Melinda Monroe has portrayed the character of a strong woman. She has her sorrows and grief, but she is determined to overcome all her life problems. This characteristic is evident in her clothes as well.

Please look at this Melinda Monroe TV Series Virgin River Alexandra Breckenridge Brown Cotton Shearling Collar Jacket she wore in the series. It is a stunning outfit. Melinda has carried it with class and elegance. This Jacket has lots of catchy design details. It is made of cotton fabric that makes it wearable throughout the year. It has a fitted waistline that gives her body a perfect shape. The shearling Shirt Style collar makes this Jacket a unique attire. It helps keep Melinda warm and makes her stylish as well. 

This Jacket is brown. It can be wearable with Denim jeans of dark shade. A contrast shirt can make a great combination with the Jacket. You can also take a woolen cap like Melinda to complete your style like Melinda.

Virgin River S02 Melinda Monroe Trench Coat

Trench Coats are always attractive to women. Melinda Monroe was spotted wearing this lovely Alexandra Breckenridge Melinda Monroe Virgin River S02 Blue Coat. She has taken the style game to the next level and made her fashion statement through it. It is a beautiful coat with some incredible specifications.  

It is a wool-blend trench coat that will keep you warm and comfy. Moreover, it has a front open style closure, lapel style collar, and open hem cuffs. It is perfectly crafted, gives you a chic look, and boosts your personality like Melinda’s.

This trench coat can be wearable with a white cami, blue denim jeans, and sneakers to complete the combination and match your style with Melinda. This lovely attire is available at LJB online shopping store. You can place your order!

Melinda Monroe Season 2 Red Jacket

If you are looking for a jacket this season, there is no better one than this hot-looking red Alexandra Breckenridge Virgin River S02 Melinda Monroe Red Jacket from Virgin River. Melinda Monroe is looking gorgeous in this beautiful attire. She has carried it with style and elegance.  

This lovely Red Jacket has some beautiful design details. It is made up of Real Leather. It has a front zipper closure, notch collar, and zipper cuffs. All the attributes make it a perfect Jacket that will make you look hot and chic like Melinda.

This Jacket can be wearable with a dark shade cardigan sweater, pants, or skirt with heels. Your perfect look like Melinda is ready. This Jacket is a fantastic outfit; you don’t need to skip it. Order it immediately from LJB and make it part of your wardrobe.


That was the brief introduction to the Virgin River Dresses collection from LJB. We hope you will like all these lovely dresses. Please visit our online shopping store for more information about the rest of the stylish outfits.