What is better and What is the difference? Polyester vs Nylon

Polyester vs Nylon

There is always discussion about nylon vs polyester and nylon vs polyester clothing. Which fabric is better between the two? Similarly, people also discuss nylon vs polyester jacket.

The primary difference between the two fabrics is that nylon tends to be softer than polyester. Polyester’s utility is that it is water-resistant. Polyester is made in bulk quantity. Both are lightweight fabrics that are excellent weather resistant and have long-lasting durability.

This article will learn more about the key difference between polyester and nylon. We will discuss the variety of uses of both fabrics. This article will help you in getting a better understanding of the widely used fabrics.

First, we will discuss in detail the two fabrics separately. Then we will draw a comparison between the two fabrics.

What is Polyester?


Polyester usually tops the charts of all fabrics. That is because of its high durability. It is a non-biodegradable item that has a shelf life of over 100 years. This shows how durable this fabric is.

 Expert Researchers conclude that more than sixty percent of fabrics today are made up of polyester. This speaks of the versatility element of polyester. Polyester fabric is manufactured by polyester fibers made from a particular kind of oil polymers. It is one of the most commonly manufactured man-made fibers used today in the industry.

It has some great qualities. One quality that makes it stand out from the other fabric is its high manufacturing volume. It is produced in bulk which makes it cost-friendly.

What is Nylon?


Nylon is a synthetic fabric manufactured by humans and obtained through the polymerization of petrochemicals. It is created through the interaction of two big molecules. Diamine acid and dicarboxylic acid are the molecules. It is used to make many of the everyday objects we use, including toothbrush bristles, women’s stockings, and umbrellas.

Since nylon’s chemical composition is so strikingly similar to that of silk, it was initially developed as a silk substitute. One can use fabric made of nylon to make practically anything.

Polyester vs Nylon: Similarities and Differences

To get a clear picture, We will judge both fabrics on their properties. This will help us reach a valid conclusion.


Both fibers’ durability percentages are somewhat similar. Because of this, it is rather challenging to determine which fiber is more durable. There is always a question which we hear very often. Is nylon stronger than polyester

The answer s Yes, it is durable. We will discuss it in the following few lines.

When it comes to resistance to abrasion, nylon outperforms polyester. It will also triumph in any conflict with chemicals and oils. On the other hand, polyester is renowned for being resistant to shrinking since it will maintain its original size regardless of what it encounters while being utilized. Like nylon, they are also abrasion resistant.

The nylon durability factor makes it a better fabric choice. Nylon carpets last longer than carpets made of polyester. Nyon is Additionally sturdy and better at stretching. As a result, nylon-made fabrics will last far longer than polyester-made ones as the flexible quality makes them resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, it makes them resistant to wear and tear from repeated use. Nylon is a popular material for creating ropes because of its strength and longevity.


When you compare the cost of nylon and Polyester, it is observed that the cost of nylon is relatively much higher than that of Polyester. Polyester’s synthetic polymer is less expensive and of low quality. That is why you will see the difference between polyester and nylon clothing in a fashion store. The pricing of nylon and polyester jackets is a significant difference between them.

The time, cost, and energy consumed in making nylon are much higher. This makes it a more expensive fabric. Another factor is the time required to finish the nylon production is on the higher side. Polyester is the opposite of it. That’s why Polyester is much cheaper than nylon.


The problem with nylon fabric is that it stuck to the body. It does not let air pass through the cloth to the body. It creates a shield that makes it hotter to wear. The shield covers the body heat and sweat. No air coming through makes it more challenging to wear in hot summers. Ideally, it is recommended to wear nylon clothes outside and on cooler days.

Polyester is a cool fabric. It allows the air to pass through the cloth to the skin and keeps the heat away. In short, it gives a nice cooling effect, a blessing on hot days. The general principle is that the more clothes are close to the skin, the more heat will radiate, bringing down the cooling effect.

So, when comparing the cooling factor of nylon & polyester fabric, polyester takes the lead.

Waterproof Tendency

According to research, the water retention level of Nylon is ten times more than that of Polyester. Polyester has a water retention level of 0.4%, whereas Nylon has 4%, which makes Polyester more waterproof than Nylon.

Some people say that Nylon is more waterproof because it is treated with more chemical layers, which increases its waterproof element.

 Nylon clothes take more time to dry after washing due to this reason. Also, the color of colored nylon fabric fades more quickly when exposed to sunlight.

 Due to the waterproof quality of the Polyester fabric, its color retains for a more extended period. Hence, Polyester’s waterproof quality makes it a viable clothing option. 

Stretching Ability

Regarding the stretching ability, nylon is a clear winner by a long way. Its tendency to keep moisture makes it more stretchable than other fabrics. That is why nylon is used in making stockings & ladies’ leggings etc.

When nylon is combined with other chemicals, its elasticity goes down. On the other hand, polyester also stretches but less compared to nylon. It stretches but comes back to the original, enhancing its durability.

Shrinking Tendency

The shrinking tendency of both Nylon and polyester is quite similar. Nylon usually remains in its standard shape, but it tends to shrink at high temperatures. For this reason, if you increase your dryer temperature by chance, it will affect Nylon’s shape, and it will bind to shrink more. Similarly, if you will add detergent or fabric softener while washing nylon clothes, they will shrink as a result.

Polyester fabric also tends to shrink at high temperatures. So while ironing your polyester clothes, beware of the high temperature. It will shrink your polyester dress.

So, there is not much difference between the two fabrics regarding shrinking tendency. At high temperatures, both fabrics shrink. It is recommended to be careful while ironing or washing your polyester & nylon clothes. Once shrunk, clothes cannot be returned to their original size..


Both polyester and nylon offer advantages over the other. The difference between polyester and nylon is not huge. The intended application and fabric design will determine the appropriate material for your project.

Nylon is the material for sleepwear and underwear businesses because of its silky feel. Polyester is the material for sportswear, summer clothing, and bedsheets since it is waterproof, dries more quickly, and takes colors better. Finally, due to its many advantageous qualities over nylon, polyester seems to be the superior material.

There is also a polyester nylon fabric blend which is a mix of both elements. The people also like its clothes.

These factors contribute to the popularity of polyester as a fabric for sportswear in activities including running, basketball, soccer, and football.

Nevertheless, both textiles are getting better thanks to technology. Polyester yarn, for instance, is getting softer. Additionally, nylon can drain away moisture and dry more quickly with this finish.

The region produces some of the greatest synthetic filaments in the world, and Taiwanese fabric makers are at the forefront of these changes. Due to their proficiency in fine denier filament, nylon dyeing, and nylon printing, manufacturers are now preferred by many well-known international companies.

We trust this information has helped you understand the distinctions between polyester and nylon materials.

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