Last Minute Costumes For Halloween


Halloween is one of the most anticipated events for everyone, whether a kid, a teen, an adult, or even older people rejoice when their doorbell rings and some children, wearing costumes, come to play trick or treat. This event is not only about welcoming the harvest or warding off the spirits. Nowadays, Halloween is all about getting dressed up into pretty and spooky costumes or having fun with your friends and family. When everyone is outfitting themselves in popular Halloween tropes such as witches, fairies, ghosts, vampires, or goblins, this time, you might not want to delve into some cliche and anticipated costumes. Let’s introduce you to other ways to balance your appearance without even trying hard.

First and foremost, you should be so self-esteemed that whatever you put on is only made for you and represents a total notion of Halloween—still trying to figure out quality and prices because you’re running out of time and Halloween is just around the corner? Keep all the worries away! LJB has got your back for this Halloween. We have introduced many eerie costumes to our collection with the best quality and affordable prices. For this reason, you only have to sit back and pick your favorite ones and get your costumes in no time at your doorsteps. 

Here are the five choices for you :



Stop wandering around the stores and feeling so dull, like nothing is appropriate according to what you need for the Halloween party your friends are throwing at their place. Get yourself this red devil Halloween costume. This costume is totally red and quite spooky. You can dress like a red demon and stand out in the crowd at your friend’s place. The red devil costume is popular for Halloween parties and events. Its vibrant red color and terrifying design make it an exceptional option for those looking to embrace their inner villain. You can add different accessories to ace this demon look. With its horns, tail, and pitchfork prop, this costume allows individuals to embody the spirit of mischief and mayhem fully.

The costume is made of the highest quality fabrics while maintaining the theme. You can pair a black shirt under the demonic blazer and wear some SFX makeup to enhance the most dangerous look. If you, by chance, know HIM from your childhood cartoon show POWER PUFF Girls, this costume shares the vibes of the prowess and ostentatious character of HIM, a king of darkness and the most savage enemy of Powerpuff Girls. Try out the red devil costume for this Halloween. 

Young Michael Halloween Costume


Every Halloween, it is impossible to forget the young Michael Myers. He might be roaming around somewhere to stab his new prey. Who knows? And yes, you got my point; let’s not wait and bring you this young Michael costume for Halloween and scare the life out of your friends and, more specifically, your siblings. This costume is perfect and ready to wear at the last minute. Consider dressing up as young Michael Myers, the iconic character from the “Halloween” movie franchise. Recreate his cold presence by wearing his signature multicolored jumpsuit. Don’t forget to add some fake blood, a plastic knife prop, and a haunting white mask to obtain the core of this frightening character!

Herman Munster Suit

Once, Herman Munster said: I want you to learn that it does not matter what you look like. You should not be stressing out about how you will create another look this year. The Herman Munster suit is at your fingertips to help you out sincerely. Munsters do not only provide the 1900s vibes but also can make you horrible yet peculiar. The Herman Munster costume for Halloween is a simple, classic option that always stays in style. With its iconic green face and bolts on the neck, this costume immediately transforms you into the adorable, funny, and slightly clumsy character from the popular television show “The Munsters.” Whether attending a Halloween costume party or taking your kids trick-or-treating, the Herman Munster costume will make a remarkable impression. 

Child Michael Myers Costume


Are you worrying about your kid’s costume for Halloween? LJB understands you. There are always some errands that need to be finished at the last moment, so we have got you an idea of Michael Myers’ costume. So sit back and order this Michael Myers jumpsuit for your kid. Also, it is available in various colors, and this character never gets old enough to scare people. While trick or treating, your kid is going to startle others with a mask or a plastic dagger in hand; add the black ankle boots to complete the overall appearance, let your kid take a flying leap into the scary world of uniqueness, and create a ghostly atmosphere around the streets.

Michael Myers Halloween Jumpsuit


Create a timeless, scary look with a Michael Myers Halloween jumpsuit. This classic costume will beat all the other appearances in your surroundings. Order this costume now, as it can be the best last-minute Halloween costume. Paint your facemask like red blood tears flowing down the dark eyes and make it more sinister; the fun fact is don’t look at yourself in the mirror because you cannot prevent the uncanny look. 

Celebrate your Halloween to the fullest and keep LJB in your good books for more shopping!

Superheroes Halloween costumes

Are you figuring out which superhero would be perfect for you this Halloween? Let’s do something unconventional; as we all know, Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman have already been taken by others, yet this year, more people will likely obtain the famous superheroes as their costumes for Halloween parties. Still, you are to decide whether to dress similarly on the occasion or be something unique while following the same genre of superheroes. LJB understands you and your unique sense of style. We have gathered five different ideas for this year. LJB is introducing you to a new collection of dino costumes that speaks a lot about the distinct powers of each character from the very famous series of American multimedia ‘POWER RANGERS.’

Power Rangers Costume


The Power Rangers series revolves around teenagers who gain superpowers to fight various villains. They “morph” by performing standard actions and reciting a “morphing call.” The series emphasizes teamwork and perseverance as they battle harder-to-defeat villains. In some episodes, monsters are unleashed, and the Rangers must destroy them, with only two rare cases of anomalies being spared or suitable from the start. Throughout the series, the Power Rangers face personal challenges and learn valuable life lessons, highlighting the importance of friendship and loyalty. The show also explores themes of self-discovery and growth as the teenagers navigate their dual lives as ordinary high school students and powerful superheroes. Additionally, the Power Rangers’ iconic costumes and unique weapons add to each episode’s excitement and visual appeal. Let’s Have a look at each outfit.


Red Power Rangers Charge Classic Kids Dinosaur Costume front

For any kid fan of the venerable TV program, the Red Power Rangers Dinosaur Costume is a must-have. With this costume, kids may assume the role of their favorite Power Ranger and experience thrilling adventures. This costume will make any youngster feel like a superhero with its vibrant red color and dinosaur-inspired design. The sturdy and comfortable construction of the premium materials enables children to play for hours while wearing it. Whether for a costume party or Halloween trick or treating, you can complete the look with a plastic power sword and matching boots. Grab yours now!



The ideal option for Halloween is the Pink Power Rangers Dinosaur Costume, especially for girls. Your youngsters will stand out from the crowd because of the vivid pink color and traditional style. With this costume, they may let their inner dinosaur go in addition to transforming into a formidable Pink Power Ranger. With this fantastic costume, your kid may go on an amazing Halloween trip and let their creativity soar. While roaming the streets with their friends, kids can show some ninja techniques to get more candies for trick-or-treating. 

Green Power Rangers Charge Classic Kids Dinosaur Costume front


The Green Power Rangers Dinosaur Costume is the perfect choice for Halloween. It allows kids to dress up as their favorite Power Ranger and adds a fun twist with the dinosaur theme. The costume is made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort during trick-or-treating. You can wear matching boots to complete the look. The Green Power Ranger was the most potent ranger of all. So get the best character to celebrate this Halloween to the fullest.



The Charge Classic Blue Power Rangers Costume is perfect for any young fan of the popular TV show. Embrace ninja magic powers for this Halloween. With its vibrant blue color and detailed dinosaur design, this costume will make your child feel like a mighty superhero with powerful tricks. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability even during extended playtime. Let your child’s imagination run wild as they transform into their favorite Power Ranger and embark on exciting adventures! 



The Charge Classic Black Power Rangers Kids Dinosaur Costume is perfect for Halloween. With its sleek black design and dinosaur-inspired details, you can startle people. This costume captures the essence of the iconic Power Rangers and includes a fun twist with its dinosaur theme. It’s a comfortable yet fancy costume. You can add a plastic power ax to enhance the look of this costume. Get ready for an unforgettable Halloween adventure with this fantastic costume! 



The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger White Polyester Costume is a high-quality outfit that will make you feel like a powerful superhero. Made from durable polyester material, this costume is built to last and withstand any adventure you undertake. With its pure white hue and detailed design, you’ll stand out as a neutral character and be ready to save the day in style. This costume is perfect for Halloween. Ask your friends to get the other Power Rangers costumes and join the forces for a trick-or-treating night.

Don’t be Riddikulus this Halloween 

In a world full of Barbies, when everybody else is dressing up the same way, painting the town pink. It would be great if you could have a distinctive and timeless appearance. With Halloween coming up, you’re unsure whether to go for the expected Barbie costumes or stick with the old fandom. Yet, on a serious note, the fandom I’m talking about never gets old, or someone calling it outdated might have lost their cerebral viewpoint. Also, they are telling you to get over this fandom, which is unbearable. Yes, you got me right. WE ARE POTTERHEADS since the beginning, and up until the very end, we will remain potterheads.

And who cares about the people if they are not into HP fandom? For this year and upcoming decades, Dressing up in a Harry Potter robe costume for Halloween allows us to immerse ourselves in the magical world created by J.K. Rowling. It not only adds an element of fun and excitement to any event or gathering but also allows us to showcase our love and admiration for the beloved series. 

Harry Potter Robe Costume 


For every Potterhead who strived to live out their dream. LJB is always there to help you so that you may startle people and present your best self while enjoying the event to the fullest. You can obtain this enchanted rob from our online store. This Harry Potter costume robe is at a meager price and offers the best quality. Don this robe over a white formal shirt and black pants. This robe has a hoodie that will give you the look of a Hogwarts-enrolled student. Also, you need more time and have a lot of things in your basket to complete. In that case, the costume always requires more attention than the other things as it represents you in front of everyone during the party. Also, you would not want your guests to get upset when you don’t show up dressed up, especially at a costume party.

The Harry Potter robe costume is perfect in every way, as you can get appropriately dressed without giving the impression that you have tried very hard. You can add a wand to your look or a plushie of any owl pretending it’s a Hedwig. These little accessories can enhance your appearance. Additionally, wearing a Harry Potter robe costume can serve as a conversation starter, enabling us to connect with fellow fans and share our enthusiasm for the wizarding world. Let’s amuse others and clothe ourselves in the robe of Hogwarts School of Wizards and Witchcraft. 

Are You A Muggle?

If you’re a muggle-born and still want to enroll in Hogwarts, you first need to revive all the facts before giving in to the world of dark art, magic, and wizards. It could be challenging for a muggle-born to compete among the other pureblood wizards and witches if you don’t have brains like Hermione. So hold your horses and hear me out. Harry Potter is a captivating fantasy world created by J.K. Rowling. It follows the extraordinary journey of a juvenile wizard named Harry Potter. We’ve heard and read the story countless times, but it always remains the same. The story starts with Harry discovering his true identity as a wizard on his eleventh birthday when he receives an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Harry learns about his famous past and the dark wizard who killed his parents as he enters this magical world. With the help of his loyal friends Ron and Hermione, Harry embarks on thrilling adventures, and the quest made by Harry and his mates never comes out as tedious for anyone, whether an adult or a child. We always need more of Harry Potter and his magic tricks.

Siriusly Dress Like Potterhead

Creating a Harry Potter look, especially for a Halloween party, can be an exciting and magical experience. It allows fans to depict themselves in Hogwarts, casting spells and reliving their favorite moments from the beloved series. Additionally, it creates a sense of nostalgia and a purpose of team among fellow Harry Potter enthusiasts, making the Halloween party even more memorable and enjoyable. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking to add some magic to your wardrobe, the Harry Potter robe is a must-have item that will transport you straight into the enchanting world of Hogwarts. With its eye-catching details and high-quality craftsmanship, this robe is perfect for cosplay events, Halloween parties, or lounging at home. Don’t miss the opportunity to embrace your inner wizard and grab your Harry Potter robe today!

Moon Knight Costume

Are you looking for a Halloween costume and want to surprise everyone with your perfect choice? Are you a fan of fantasy and adventure mixed with action? Do you enjoy superheroes who save the world or characters with superficial powers? Instead of the typical Halloween costumes every year, why not try something new and entertain others? You pictured yourself in a mind-blowing, complex outfit that would draw attention and make you the center of conversation at the gathering. While surfing through Pinterest’s vast collection of Halloween party ideas, you couldn’t help but feel excited at the thought of being surrounded by a stunningly decorated venue and a group of happy guests. 

During the same period, you spend another year lounging on the couch, rewatching the same horror movies on cable, and eating candy meant for trick-or-treaters. If you’re tired of being outside in the cold weather and need a last-minute costume, you may wonder where to find one. Why look for something unique that can be delivered right to your doorstep? If you’re tired of being outside in the cold weather and need a last-minute costume, you may wonder where to find one. Why not look for something unique that can be delivered to your doorstep? As you prepare to celebrate Halloween, remember to pursue your passions.

LJB has recently added a unique Halloween costume collection that challenges traditional expectations. Among these is our enchanting and comfortable Moon Knight costume. Dressing like an Egyptian moon god can be a unique and eye-catching choice for those who want to make a statement while maintaining high standards. It’s always exciting to witness everyone in their costumes once a year. Oscar Isaac’s choice of Costume is awe-inspiring!

With its sleek design and attention to detail, you’ll genuinely embrace the character’s mysterious and heroic personality. Whether it’s the epic white cloak or the intricate crescent moon emblem, this Costume will impress fellow fans and make your Halloween night unforgettable. Marvel’s Moon Knight is one of the most intriguing and famous shows on Disney Plus; Oscar Isaac’s dual performance, in which he aptly switches between the two very different characters of Steven Grant and Marc Spector, illustrates his flexibility as an actor. As a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, you’ll appreciate the exceptional and captivating character development that distinguishes it from other franchises. Its unique layering of characters will surely fascinate you. For those who have not watched the show, here are some synopses to better understand the character and plot before getting a last-minute costume.

Based on Dough Mench’s comic books, the series is an imaginative superhero origin tale that blends a cape-wearing crusader and Egyptian mythology to talk about mental health issues.

Halloween Moon Knight Costume

A former mercenary named Marc Spector is transformed into the vigilante Moon Knight in the suspenseful superhero movie “Moon Knight” after being revived by the Egyptian moon deity Khonshu. As Moon Knight, Marc fights crime on the seedy streets of New York City while battling his internal problems with multiple personality disorder. “Moon Knight” takes viewers on a fantastic trip with incredible action sequences, insightful character development, and a gripping plot. Although Isaac, who brilliantly played his role as the multi-talented movie hunk, wasn’t particularly searching for another “Star Wars” or “X-Men” experience, he has found contentment in this unusual Marvel character. Likewise, viewers loved the entire show and complimented it as the perfect addition to MCU.

This Costume has a hooded collar that makes it unique and a proper adaptation of Moon Knight Oscar Isaac’s role. By donning this Costume, you can transform into a unique and frightening character that will turn heads on the street. It’s a great way to stand out and make a lasting impression for the night. Find unique and innovative ways to express your enjoyment. Secure your Costume now without delay!  You could be out there, embracing the Halloween spirit and creating unforgettable memories with friends and family. Take advantage of this opportunity – get up, wear a costume, and join in on the excitement of trick-or-treating or attending a thrilling Halloween party. Let yourself be immersed in the magic of this spooky season and make it a year to remember! Happy HAUNTING!

Descendants costume 


Hey pals? Are you excited about Halloween? What do you think your friends might be wearing at the costume party? I know you have yet to learn this, as the costume should be kept secret unless it’s time to reveal it. And then let others be amazed by you. The costume tells about the character, but what’s more, it has to offer the choice of the wearer. If you pick the character of Cinderella, you may have related yourself to some of her character aspects positively or negatively. But that’s not entirely true in case some of you decide to be a hot dog this time, but it also holds back a story in your mind. 

People usually choose the costumes according to their area of interest; let’s say some of you are interested in the musical fiction genre. And you waited the entire year to portray Princess Jasmine or maybe Belle from Beauty and the Beast. LJB knows it all. We have gathered so many last-minute ideas for Halloween. Read along and prepare to cause quite a stir among your friends.

Queen MAL Bertha, your next muse!


You must have heard about a well-liked Disney Channel film called Descendants, which made its debut in 2015. It centers on the teenage years of Disney villains’ kids who get the chance to enroll in a prominent prep school with Disney heroes’ kids. The film has catchy musical moments and colorful scenes while exploring the themes of friendship, the discovery of oneself, and the power of freedom. This movie has so many characters to provide you with Halloween looks. Still, the greatest was the primary character of the Descendants series Qu,een Maleficent “Mal” Bertha, whom Dove Cameron represented.

She is King Ben’s wife, the Queen of the United States of Auradon, and the daughter of Maleficent and Hades. Mal is a cunning, intelligent, and clever girl who was brought up to be a leader. Despite her kindness to her pals, she is bitter and merciless toward anybody who doesn’t actively help her. She is talented in the arts and has an aptitude for sorcery. She wishes to be as pure evil as her mother, Maleficent, to be like her. So why don’t you consider her character for this upcoming Halloween season and place your order at LJB?

There could be many facts you can relate to Mal, or you’d like to depict the questioned parts of the character, making it quite comical. Let’s delve more into her character. She was a ruthless and artistically talented girl and a natural leader. Though she often disappoints her mother, she wants to be like her. Mal, according to her reputation, is the most disliked person on the Isle of the Lost. She puts her mother’s ambitions over hers since she is misled and goal-oriented. Her mother’s objectives, nevertheless, differ from her own, creating a moral quandary. Ben thinks Mal is wonderful since he can see through her actions.

As the narrative goes on, Mal embraces her actual self and gives up the hollow life of evil, letting go of her fears and objectives. Mal finds the missing piece in her heart that her mother’s lessons could not fill via friendship and love. This character has a lot to offer. So, to outshine others, you must stand out in the crowd. Obtain this Descendants Costume Mal Purple Real Leather Jacket from LJB. You can pair this leather jacket with purple pants or wear complementary jewelry or makeup to enhance the look. Also, the hairdo can be a game changer. Nobody could guess your costume since it’s very neutral. So worry not; LJB has added this costume to the Halloween collection lately, produced with the best quality material and available at affordable prices. Get yours now!

Which MBTI personality Mal Bertha has?

Mal Bertha is an unbalanced ISFP. She is secretive and aggressively passive. In contrast to unhealthy ISFPs who entirely reject social standards, healthy ISFPs question social conventions in healthy ways. She is egotistical, primarily concerned with her well, and demands that people live their lives in a way that suits her. She is very impulsive due to her unhealthiness as an ISFP; she doesn’t care if her actions hurt others.

Princess Evie Costume 

The category for Halloween costumes includes Evie from Descendants 3. You can achieve a red and black costume leather jacket through LJB at very meager prices. With the best quality promised, your investment in this costume will never make you regret it.

Dressing like Princess Evie on Halloween can be a fun and unique choice that allows you to embody the beloved character from Disney’s Descendants. Princess Evie’s stylish and edgy fashion sense and strong and independent personality make her a great inspiration for a Princess Evie Halloween costume. Plus, it’s a chance to showcase your creativity and attention to detail by recreating her iconic looks. She gains self-assurance over the series and decides to follow her heart and happiness rather than her mother’s expectations. Princess Evie was a fantastic character, a young lady with brown eyes, long, dark blue hair, and a fair complexion. Her favorite color combination is dark blue and crimson. She is incredibly well-kept, from her well-groomed eyebrows to the cosmetics her mother insisted on. She always leaves the house with her mother’s blessing on her appearance.

Evie is a fashionista who resembles My Little Pony character Rarity in characteristics. She is a highly devoted friend to her closest pals, especially to Mal, her best buddy. Evie is brilliant despite her lack of mental capacity; she even received a B+ in her chemistry class. Evie’s mother, who frequently told her she wasn’t beautiful, greatly impacted her self-confidence. She wants to find the proper prince for herself, but she knows better than to fall for a handsome prince who is ugly on the inside, just as she turned down Chad Charming when she discovered how arrogant he is. Instead, she falls for Doug, who admires Evie for who she is.

Do you resemble Princess Evie in any way? Yes, girls have the same insecurities, and you should not feel wrong about them. Embrace the confident and empowered style of Princess Evie with her costume. Please place your order now before it’s too late. Princess Evie’s costume will surely be a hit among young princess enthusiasts with its enchanting design and high demand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your Halloween genuinely magical.


Last-minute Halloween costumes are convenient for those busy with work or school projects who may have procrastinated or want a quick and easy solution. By shopping from the LJB online store, you can browse through a wide variety of costumes and have them delivered right to your doorstep, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re looking for a classic character or a trendy pop culture reference, the ideas you went through above in this blog are unique. It also offers modest prices with the best quality since LJB provides endless options to help you create the perfect last-minute Halloween look.I hope you have a great time trick-or-treating and have lots of fun!! Eat as many candies and sweets to your heart’s content. May your treats be many and your tricks be few.