How to Care for Faux Leather

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LJB is providing genuine quality leather jackets for years so that our customers all around the globe can enjoy the best material jackets with quality stitching at affordable prices. We will provide you the tips and tricks that improve the life of your jacket. We will guide you on how you can care for faux leather.

Tips to Improve the Leather Jacket’s Life

Artificial synthetic leather jackets are not washable. It is recommended to clean the dust with a moist towel or brush, covered with a cleaning solution, and the solution shouldn’t be sticky; otherwise, it can cause damage. You cannot use specific solvents to eliminate stains: acetone on the jacket. It would help if you considered cleaning the dirt with a wet towel to clean dust from the handle of a light bag.

Scratches and smudges are the most common problem with artificial leather jackets. Use wet clothe for cleaning the dirt and let it dry after cleaning the dirt.

The outerwear tops and leather pants should be cleaned by following this method. Dust and dirt can damage your leather jacket. You can prevent this by washing items periodically with a moist cloth.

4 Rules of Artificial Skincare

LJB is here to provide you with the best tips and tricks that can help you care for your leather jackets. 

Clean Jackets Frequently

It would help if you cleaned your jacket with a wet cloth or sponge soaked with water. It is suggested to clean your jacket at least once a week to protect it from dust.

Wax your Leather Jacket

Wax your leather jacket with petroleum jelly; it will improve the jacket’s life and give a shining look to your jacket.

Use Vinegar to Remove Stains

Leather Jackets sacks in special sacks on hooks and packed with crumpled material-only with different form holders inside them. Only garments and hangers are unfolded. Find artificial leather characteristics. Sheets and clothes cannot White vinegar is highly effective for leather. Mix vinegar with the same amount of water and dip a towel into the mixture. Wipe the towel softly over the affected surface till the stains are removed completely. Keep your jacket open so that it will dry on its own.

Use of Brushes in Cleaning dust

Use only soft brushes, and don’t apply solvents or nail polish remover on your leather jacket. You can use soft brushes in the cleaning process. If you follow these methods, it will improve your jacket’s life.