Famous Jungle Cruise Costumes for Party Wear

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Jungle Cruise is an adventure movie. The movie is mainly based on Disney’s theme park ride of a similar name. The story revolves around a riverboat captain, Frank Wolff, who went through a jungle with a scientist and her brother to discover a supernatural tree of life with magical healing properties. The movie stars Jesse Plemons, Jack Whitehall, Paul Giamatti, Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, and Dwayne Johnson.

We guide you about the best Jungle Cruise Costumes. Keep reading this article, and you will be glad to know about the Jungle Cruise Merchandise, including the vests, coats, and jackets your favorite characters worn in Jungle Cruise.

Let’s check out the famous Jungle Cruise costume ideas, including Jungle Cruise jackets.

Roxy Horner Jungle Cruise Grey Cotton Blazer

If you love the acting of Roxy Horner, a stylish model, and actress, this  Roxy Horner Jungle Cruise Grey Blazer has everything you need to look bold like her. This blazer is a cotton fabric composition and inner viscose lining, which protects its wearer from cold weather. Moreover, it consists of open-style closure and a lapel-style collar.

Jungle Cruise McGregor Houghton White Cotton Coat

This stylish coat gives you the authentic formal aesthetic without feeling cold temperature, so it’s also appropriate to wear it for the office. This Jungle Cruise McGregor Houghton White Coat features two waist pockets and two chest pockets, and its quality cotton fabric makes it a lightweight and comfy option for winter.


Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson Brown Cotton Coat

Whether you are preparing your ensemble for a party or want to adopt Rock’s look, this brown coat is ideal for you.  Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson Brown Coat is crafted with premium cotton fabric along with soft viscose lining. You can pair this coat with a white shirt and red muffler for a chic appearance.

Jungle Cruise Lily Houghton Cream Cotton Coat

LJB has introduced this coat for all the fans of Jungle Cruise out there. Lily Houghton dressing from the movie inspires this Jungle Cruise Lily Houghton Cream Coat. This coat is made of cotton fabric and features a shawl-style collar making it more attractive.

Jungle Cruise Hooded Collar Famous Jacket

The Jungle Cruise inspires this fantastic jacket, now fans show off their love for the movie, too. It’s made of cotton fabric and exclusively designed for people planning to visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts; you can order Jungle Cruise Hooded Jacket from LJB before you start your journey.

Jungle Cruise Melchor Brown Suede Leather Jacket

Jungle Cruise film inspires this breathtaking Jungle Cruise Melchor Brown Leather Jacket. The material of this jacket is made of suede leather, and it contains viscose lining, giving you a comfortable experience when you wear it for your next trip to Disney theme park.

Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruise Black Jacket

Brilliant actor Rock in Jungle Cruise movie inspires this Dwayne Johnson Jungle Cruise Black Jacket. Let’s Rock’s fan show off their film fandom, too. It’s made of real leather, and or skilled craftsmen crafted this jacket for your comfort and style. You can order it online from LJB before the winter season starts.

Jungle Cruise Sancho Black Leather Jacket

This stylish Jungle Cruise Sancho Black Leather Jacket offers a similar look as Dani Rovira. The inside of the jacket consists of a soft viscose lining, and it is crafted with genuine leather. It has zipper cuffs, and it is exclusively available in black color. Moreover, it contains a stylish stand-up collar and zipper closure making it perfect for casual and formal gatherings.


Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson Famous Double Breasted Vest

Undoubtedly, Rock is one of the talented actors in the industry, and he has impressed the viewers in many movies with his excellent acting skills. If you are a fan of Rock, this Jungle Cruise Dwayne Johnson Double Breasted Vest is for you. He donned this vest in the film Jungle Cruise. This vest is fabricated with premium cotton, and it has a soft viscose lining for your comfort. Moreover, it contains a buttoned front closure and a stylish notch collar which makes it distinctive from other outerwear. It accommodates three pockets to keep your belongings safe. You can pair it with a hat for an impressive appearance. This vest is ideal for wearing when you go for a picnic or park.