Dress Like the Famous Beth Dutton from Yellowstone

Dress Like the Famous Beth Dutton from Yellowstone

The Yellowstone TV series has made its place in the top charts in recent years. It is a show that everyone has been waiting for. The story revolves around the Dutton family, who struggles to protect their ranch in the United States. Influential land grabbers from its borders – an Indian reservation, land developers, and America’s first National Park. It shows the corruption of land grabbers and politicians working for the interest of the world’s largest oil and lumber corporations. Where murders are not reported in the news and drinking water is poisoned. One of the leading characters in the show is Beth Dutton. She has worn stunning Beth Dutton outfits in the front. LJB has introduced the Beth Dutton Yellowstone outwear for the fans.

Let’s look into this article; we will give you the best ideas to dress like Beth Dutton.

Getting to Know Beth Dutton

Bethany Dutton, who Kelly Reill plays, is the main female character of the show. Also known as Beth, she is the daughter of John Dutton, an owner of one of the biggest cattle ranches in America. Bethany is the only girl in her family and has three brothers: Lee, Jamie, and Kayce. Her mother, Evelyn Dutton, died when Beth was just a child. Her mother was riding a horse with Kayce and Beth herself when it got spooked, causing her mother to fall off the horse. As a result, her mother suffered severe spinal injuries. Beth went to look for help, but the injuries were tough, and Evelyn could not make it as she died when her husband, John, found her. Beth also lost her brother, Lee, who died after being wounded in a battle while trying to protect the family’s ranch from the Broken Rock Indian Reservation. 

Unknown to her family, Beth also went through teenage pregnancy. She wanted to get an abortion, so she asked the help of her foster brother, Jamie, to get her out of the situation. Jamie took her to the Indian Health Services clinic for the abortion without informing anyone. Ever since the beginning, Beth had a soft spot for an orphan boy named Rip Wheeler, who was adopted by her father, John, when he was very young. Growing up, the two developed feelings for each other and liked one another. After spending some time away from each other, Beth and Rip became each other’s love interest. One day, Beth decided to act on her feelings and took the matter into her own hands when she told Rip about her feelings. While doing so, Beth also proposed Rip, which he accepted immediately, and the two married shortly after.

Beth Dutton

The Fashion Statement of Beth Dutton

Anyone working in a professional setting needs to care for their appearance. Every office has a formal dress code for its employees. Anyone working in an office, whether a lawyer at a firm or not, must dress appropriately. While dressing formally might limit one’s ability to express their style, few people can look as good as they ever have dressing formally. The same goes for Beth Dutton, a savvy and classy businesswoman. Despite being a businesswoman, she always dresses nicely and looks fashionable in the show. Beth is dressed up to the mark when she needs to be dressed according to the time. She always has the right outfit for the right occasion and rarely misses out on style. Being a businesswoman in her 30s, she makes sure she keeps her tone in check at all times. 

Whether she is dressed formally to work in an office or chilling at her home, she always keeps up with the latest style trends. And the Beth Dutton clothing is a testament to that statement. When it comes to fashion, Beth Dutton is as outspoken as she is confident in her appearance. Throughout the Yellowstone show, she consistently wore attractive Beth Dutton Yellowstone clothing. Despite the fact that the plot of the show is on her defending her father’s ranch and her romance with Rip Wheeler, her outfits in the Yellowstone wardrobe stood out the most. It gave her character a breath of new air on top of making her appear stunning in the show. Even so, it brightened up the scenes and gave her persona more appeal.

The Costume Designer Behind Beth’s Wardrobe

We can confidently say that the outer look of Beth Dutton’s character speaks volumes and class. This whole thing was made possible by the Yellowstone TV show’s clothing-matching high-standard outfit concept. A renowned costume designer named Johnetta Boone perfectly created every piece of clothing for the show. She designed all of Beth Dutton’s dresses as well. They are some of the most fabulous clothes we have ever seen, and we can only be grateful for that. She is the one who made all of her Yellowstone clothing, including the famous Beth Dutton cowgirl hat. She created Beth Dutton’s dresses flawlessly from top to bottom. Besides, she designed Beth Dutton’s attire to reflect her reputation as a businesswoman and fit her character. We can notice Beth Dutton’s sense of style thanks to her great work. Beth Dutton’s attire has also set the fashion trends.

The Wardobe of Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton’s wardrobe is undoubtedly one of the best wardrobe collections we have seen of a TV show character in a very long time. It comprises many different types of clothing, such as Wrap dresses, pantsuits, and stylish blouses combined with pencil skirts. All of these clothing items make up Beth Dutton’s wardrobe. It displays what professional and working women in their thirties dress like for work every day without losing femininity or flair. And when she is not working, Beth keeps herself warm and comfortable in oversized ponchos. A pair of decent and good-looking jeans and prairie skirts are the wardrobe staple every character in the show should wear by default.

Our Outfits Collection of Beth Dutton

We are so impressed by Beth Dutton’s clothes that we want to give them to you. After all, her clothing has even won over the world of fashion. Whatever Beth Dutton decides to wear, we are sure she will look stunning in it. People aspire to look like her and dress as she did in the show. We can provide you with those clothes and tell you all about her wardrobe secrets. We are offering you all the best outfits from the show, including the Beth Dutton Costume that you can wear to dress like Beth Dutton. The outfits in Yellowstone Apparel Beth Dutton that we are giving you can be worn casually to show off your fandom for the show. We also have more of her outfits in the Beth Dutton Wardrobe Season 3. Every Beth Dutton outfit is made from the best materials and is stitched to perfection.

Beth Dutton’s White Cloak Coat

Beth Dutton Yellowstone White Poncho Coat

Beth Dutton is a fierce woman who you do not want to upset or be on the wrong side of her. But other than that, she is a goddess who wore one style after another from time to time. It was evident when she wore this breathtaking White Cloak Coat in the show that looked stunning on her. This white cloak coat of Beth is made from the best wool fabric and is perfectly stitched with a smooth cotton lining inside for added warmth. The design of this coat is that of a poncho cloak coat. It has an ancient style toggle closure on the front. This poncho coat is packed with stylish features from top to bottom. It has good-looking features like a hooded style collar as well as full-length sleeves ending on open hem cuffs. 

The color combination of white with black and brown patterns really makes this coat stand out. On top of that, this coat has useful features that come in handy for day-to-day wear as well. This poncho coat has two side waists pockets to carry all your small belongings. You can get the Beth Dutton hairstyle done and wear this coat with a Beth Dutton hat on top to truly look like Beth herself. You can also take on wearing Beth Dutton and Rip costume as well as the Beth Dutton Denim Dress, which we are featuring and talking about in detail below.

Beth Dutton’s Leopard Print Fur Coat

Yellowstone Season 2 Beth Dutton Leopard Print Fur Coat Front

We already know everything there is to know about Beth Dutton, thanks to her stylish and endearing appearance throughout the show. The Leopard Print Fur Coat she wore during the show lends credence to such assertion. Without a doubt, Beth Dutton looked like one of the best-dressed characters in the Yellowstone show while she was wearing this coat. This Beth Dutton coat is presented in the best fur material. The soft viscose lining inside and open front style give it a look like no other. The full-length sleeves that cover your arms and the wide lapel fur collar are only two of the trendy features of this coat. A black button-up shirt can be worn underneath this coat. Wearing it with jeans and a pair of Beth Dutton boots will give you her style. You can proceed if you put a cap on top.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Flannel Jacket

TV Series Yellowstone Beth Dutton Flannel Jacket

Are you a fan of Beth Dutton and searching for the Beth Dutton dress this winter? Grab this jacket. Kelly Reilly was spotted wearing this Beth Dutton jacket and looked stunning. You can pair this flannel jacket with a black buttoned shirt and black jeans. Wear below ankle boots for a chic appearance in events. You can don this jacket in casual gatherings like going outside with friends. Moreover, it is fabricated with flannel fabric ensuring a highly comfortable experience.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Leather Trench Coat

Yellowstone S02 Beth Dutton Leather Trench Coat Front

Beth Dutton Yellowstone s04 outfits have become the fans’ first preference. You have probably seen Beth wearing this Yellowstone Beth Dutton Leather Trench Coat if you have watched the show. She looked fabulous in the show by wearing this trench coat. You can style this beautiful trench coat with a check design shirt and blue jeans. Wear brown knee-high boots to finalize your dressing combination. So, don’t forget to layer this trench coat while attending casual and formal gatherings. It is made of suede leather that keeps you relaxed all day in cold temperatures without feeling cold.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Turquoise Poncho Coat

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Blanket Hoodie Coat Front

A poncho coat has a uniquely beautiful style; it is specially designed for extra warmth in cold weather. You can don this Yellowstone Beth Dutton Turquoise Poncho Coat with a white buttoned shirt and brown jeans. Wear fleece-lined boots to wrap up your style. This coat has a gorgeous look; its wooden-style buttons and bulky style make it more attractive. Moreover, this poncho coat is crafted with wool-blend fabric ensuring optimum comfort and warmth in chilly weather. So, wear it when going outside in winter for an impressive appearance. You can find this poncho coat in the Beth Dutton wool coats collection.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Orange Fur Coat

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Orange Shearling Coat Front

Are you feeling bored by wearing the same typical colors? Grab this orange shearling coat. This fur coat is ideal for women’s winter wardrobe. Pair this Yellowstone Beth Dutton Orange Fur Coat with a white buttoned shirt and black jeans. Wear alf-length boots to complete your style. This ensemble will enhance your appearance to the next level. So, fulfill your wish to look like Beth Dutton by wearing this beautiful orange coat. Moreover, this coat is fabricated with top-notch shearling material for the utmost warmth and comfort in winter.

Yellowstone S02 Beth Dutton Fur Collar Coat

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Brown Coat Front

Undoubtedly, Beth has impressed millions of her fans worldwide with chic dressing in the show. Since its release, we have seen a significant increase in the demand for Beth Dutton outfits. Yellowstone Beth Dutton Fur Collar Coat is another breathtaking attire from her exquisite wardrobe. You can don this stylish coat with a black buttoned shirt and grey jeans. Wear black low-top sneakers for a perfect style. This dressing combination will give you a gorgeous look as Kelly Reilly. So, wear this fur collar coat to impress others in gatherings.

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Beige Fleece Sweater

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Beige Fleece Sweater

Generally, most women love to wear a sweater in winter because it gives the wearer the utmost comfort and warmth. We have introduced this beautiful Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Beige Sweater for women. Style this beige sweater with a black round-neck tee, jeans, or a black dress. Wear wedge-heeled boots to wrap up looks. Moreover, it is beautifully crafted with premium fleece fabric ensuring high durability. So, it is an investment that stays with you for many upcoming seasons.

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Grey Suiting Fabric Blazer

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Grey Suiting Fabric Single Breasted Blazer Front

In most of the scenes, Kelly Reilly usually wore casual outfits, but it looked great on her when she wore formal. She was spotted wearing this Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Grey Blazer in the show and looked gorgeous. We have come up with this blazer for women. Pair this grey blazer with a white buttoned shirt and grey pants. Wear slim heel boots to finalize your looks. So, grab this grey blazer for a classy style in formal events. Furthermore, this blazer is fabricated with premium quality suiting fabric that is highly comfortable.

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Blue Denim Jacket

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Blue Denim Jacket Front

Generally, women prefer to wear denim jackets for a fashionable appearance. Nobody can know better than Kelly Reilly to wear a denim jacket. She has worn this Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Blue Denim Jacket in the show and looked fabulous. You can don this blue denim jacket with blue denim jeans. Wear white low-top sneakers to wrap up your classy casual style. Moreover, it is crafted with top-notch denim material, and it is different from ordinary denim. It will keep you snug in freezing weather.

Beth Dutton’s Bomber Jacket

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Cotton Bomber Jacket

Any style combination or color may look good when done by Beth Dutton. She never fails to look fantastic, whether she chooses to wear a bomber jacket with jeans or a jacket of brown color. This was the situation when actress Kelly Reilly wore this Bomber Jacket on the show. This is Beth’s final piece of Yellowstone clothing that we are showcasing today. Its gorgeous brown color and use of the finest Cotton fabric will appeal to your inner Yellowstone enthusiast. Beth gives this ranch an iconic design with a shirt fur style collar with a detachable hood and a front zipper closure. These jackets have fitting rib cuffs that protect your arms along the whole length of the sleeves. The one pocket on the chest, two inside pockets, and two waist pockets give this jacket a sturdy appearance and serve as storage spaces for your possessions.

Finally, you can have our outlandish experiences like Beth Dutton and look like a real cowboy with style and flair. We hope by now you have chosen the right Beth Dutton outfit for you.